Enhancement / Bug Fixed / New Feature Version 1.3, 2008-09-10

posted Sep 17, 2008, 8:16 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 8, 2008, 2:42 AM by Unknown user ]

Enhancement / Bug Fixed / New Feature

Version 1.3, 2008-09-10


  1. Create / Edit SO

  • Allows user to add items without checking stock balance. However should user wants to convert this SO into Invoice, user will be forced to key in the Serial Numbers


  1. Payment Voucher -> Listing, Print Queue

  • Enhanced search

  • Fix bug in Order By where the value does not maintain on refresh

  1. Bank Reconciliation

  • Documents that has been filed in later Bank Recon2 will now also show up in previous Bank Recon2 as Unpresented / Uncredited cheques.

  1. Receipt Voucher

  • After create, the listing at the bottom show wrong credit GL

  1. PV / Receipt Voucher / Settle Document

  • Configuration to Allow / Disallow advance date

  1. PV Create

  • Fixed bug when settle more than 50 CM


  1. Dispatch Report

  • Now has In/Out Qty filters


  1. Batch Printing of Billing Statement (JT)

  • Enhance the pdf layout

  1. AR Txn Printable (JT)

  • Show also customer code, customer pkid

  • Printable config to hide customer-branch details for Bata.

  1. Create Customer Account, Corporate Account, Personal Account (JT)

  • Do not allow duplicated registration / ic number

  1. Customer Listing (JT)

  • Displays credit terms and credit limits.

  1. Reverse CM

  • Record in audit trail

  • Control by permission

  1. CM printable

  • Fix the naming so will show whether is Debit / Credit Note

  • User is able to print CM directly from Create CM

  1. Create Personal Account

  • Default credit limit of RM1000 is now being applied to personal account creation should user not configure the default credit limit in System Admin

  1. Customer Billing Statement of Account

  • Show RCT Remarks as Reference, Show Invoice Reference

  1. Settlement

  • Fixed bug, if settlement is made for a Blacklisted customer it was recorded into audit trial as the user Blacklisted the customer

  1. Detailed Txn Records (JT)

  • Pulls the cost from Invoice / SR table instead of stock delta, this is to increase the speed of the report


  1. Invoice -> Load GRN function (JT)

  • User is now able to load a GRN into the Invoice screen

  1. Invoice -> Inter-company Stock Transfer (KF)

  • Check-box is now defaulted to unchecked

  1. Inter-company Stock Transfer (KF)

  • Allows the user to select GRN date.

  • Fixed bug in inter-company stock transfer convert to GRN function, removed the unnecessary reverse receipt permission requirement.

  • Allow edit selling price if in System Admin -> Not configured to Hide Price

  1. Invoice -> Select deposit (KW)

  • Change method to post so that can support more receipts being selected

  1. Invoice, Cash-sale, Full-screen Cash-sale, Trading Jobsheet, Workshop Jobsheet (JM)

  • Permission for selling below minimum price and additional login authorization for personal which do not have the permission to sell below minimum price.

  1. Cash-sale, Full-screen, Invoice, Sales Return (JT), Trading Jobsheet, Workshop Jobsheet (KW), PO, GRN, Purchase Return (KF)

  • Supports Government Service Tax / Value Added Tax

  1. Stock Adjustment (KW)

  • Fix bug where the price shown is pulled from the correct PC Center

  1. Full-screen Cash-sale (JT)

  • Cost bubble was appearing when mouse over item amount though no permission

  1. Service Note Branch Edit (KF)

  • Permissions applied properly

  1. Edit Invoice (KF)

  • Fix bug if the same serialized item appears multiple times in invoice, previously it had a bug which prevented the user from being able to edit the serial number for the items

  • Record in audit trail

  1. Full-screen Cash-sale, Settlement (JT)

  • When system admin configuration is on, users must fill in credit card approval code, number and name when paying by credit card


  1. Stock Availability

  • Group the locations by PCC

  • Order the Table Header by Location Code

  • Permission

  1. Seasonal Promotion

  • Allow to configure the Discounted Price

  • Display the discounted price in cash-sale / invoice Item Search Widget

  1. Stock Control

  • New permission

  1. Advance Search

  • Remove the link

  1. Item Listing

  • Fixed bug where is Filter by Active items, the filtering is done in Java level instead of JSP so that the numbering won't disappear

  1. Create, Edit, Upload, Create by Category

  • Prevent duplicated EAN codes


  1. Purchase Order Listing -> Approval

Allow user to configure whether want to force user to Approve the PO before converting to GRN. If PO has been approved, user cannot edit them anymore

  1. FTec Purchase Order printable

  • Fixed shipping address issue where is was replaced by location address.

  1. GRN Listing

  • Fix bug for where error is thrown when attempting to display GRN without direct PO link.

  1. Incoming stock

  • Select supplier screen was changed


  1. Reverse CM

  • Record in audit trail

  • Control by permission

  1. CM printable

  • Fix the naming so will show whether is Debit / Credit Note

  • User is able to print CM directly from Create CM

  1. AP Txn

  • Allow optional sort by Date, Document Type + Document Ref #

  1. Supplier Billing Statement

  • Fixed bug relating to previous balance being null (bdPrevBalance in supp_billing_stmt.jsp) which prevented user from generating certain statements. This happens if this Supplier's first transaction is in February but you generate the report for January


  1. Support foreign language

  1. Default invoice printable

  • Enhanced it to have better multi-page support

  1. Ftec new invoice format labeled as Debit Note


  1. Export Member Card

Show additional columns : race, age, contact number and location


  1. GL Listing printable

Resize headings


  1. Transaction Aging Report by Salesman

  • Minor changes

  1. Transaction Aging Summary by Salesman

  • Minor changes to the printable to include Table header on every 20 lines

  1. Stock Sales Report

  • Allows to filter by multiple location

  • Permission

  1. Purchase Report by GRN with Inventory Category Grouping

  • Do not show in this report if CM is reversed

  1. Stock Sales By Item Code Report

  1. Sales Report by Daily, Weekly, Monthly (New)

  1. Transaction Aging Analysis

  • Negative amount should be shown