Release Notes for v1.8 of EMP

posted Jun 19, 2009, 3:42 AM by Unknown user

New Permissions, Features and Changes listed by Module


New Permission
  1. Query Cashbook now has permissions by Cashbook.

New Features
  1. Edit Payment Voucher allows editing of cheque number.
  1. Payment Voucher listing -- Cheque numerical amount now has currency formatting with commas, payee name and amount text are now larger for better line-spacing.
  2. Create Payment Voucher -- Allow user to select branch for payment to GL codes.


New Permissions
  1. Added permission to use Stock Discrepancy Report.

New Features
  1. Trace Receipt now shows if the receipt has been filed in bank reconciliation.
  2. Trace Payment Voucher now shows if the Payment Voucher has been filed in bank reconciliation.
  3. Added Trace Credit Memo.
  4. Trace Invoice upgraded to show linked jobsheets. JS and INV now showing related documents.
  5. Add GL Code now with lengthened text fields -- GL Code (50 chars), GL Code Name (100 chars), GL Code Description (300 chars), GL Code Reference (30 chars).
  6. Added Stock Discrepancy Report.
  7. Allow selection of Branch in Add JTxn and filter in JTxn Listing.
  8. Added filter for manual or automatic journal transactions.


New Permissions
  1. Permission to Reprint Invoice or Cashsale by branch.
  2. Permission to hide Sales History in Add Item popup.
  3. Permission to use blacklisted customers in Jobsheet.

New Features
  1. Sales Return has been renamed to Sales Return by Invoice.
  2. Purchase Return has been renamed to Purchase Return by Invoice.
  3. Multicard support for Full Screen Cash Sale has been merged with the main Full Screen Cash Sale.
  4. Internal Stock Transfer printable now able to show minimum selling price.
  5. Supplier Code can now be edited.
  6. Edit receipt now settles and unsettles CMs.
  7. Trace Serial Number can be configured to prevent display of printables to hide the price.
  8. Stock Requisition now features multiple item support.
  9. Automatically calculate reward points after loading Job Sheet in Full Screen Cash Sale.
  10. Single click assignment of all items to a salesman.
  11. List, Discount 1-3, Wholesale & etc price editting at the point of GRN.
  12. Allow adding new statuses through configuration for RMA State.
  13. Average and Last Purchased Cost can be displayed in Add Item search.
  14. Able to load multiple Sales Orders into a single Invoice.
  15. Support for Sales Type (e.g. Internal, External, Subcon), with configuration in System Admin -> Configuration -> Customer.
  16. Service Note Listing's Keyword Search is now able to search by Reference Document.
  17. RMA now supports multiple items per-service note.
  18. Able to hide Sales History in Add Item popup. Link doesn't appear if permission is not given.
  19. Pop up box asking for supervisor password to sell below cost.

  1. Invoices now record times accurately when created and edited.
  2. PO Convert to GRN -- Disallow user to add the same item from PO twice into the GRN.
  3. Serial numbers that have been Sales Returned can now be stocked out again properly.
  4. Disabled multiple-click of Save & Commit button in Full Screen Cash Sale.
  5. Monitor Outstanding Documents report now displays Invoice Salesman instead of creator.
  6. Improved checking to prevent cancellation of internal stock transfers that have already been received.
  7. Enhance Reprint Invoice No Header, Invoice GP and Reprint Invoice as DO input to support 7 digits.


  1. Hide all prices appearing in Edit SN / SN Movement if the user does not have permission to view pric.
  2. Stock Movement now sorts by Creation Date by default, rather than Transaction Date.

New Features
  1. Stock Sales Report defaults to sorting by time.
  2. Trace Stock now includes SRV and RMA.
  3. Reset MA by GRN - Allow User To Enter "Total Charges Per Item".
  4. No more spaces allowed when creating and editing items.
  5. Added sub-location support to Stock Control.


New Features
  1. Link to allow user to pop-up Loyalty -> Edit Member Card from Customer -> Edit Customer Account


New Features
  1. Statement of Account now displays CM references.
  2. Customer Credit Memos can now be edited.
  3. Incoming Stock has been renamed to Outstanding PO.
  4. Allow editing of Credit Memos which have been contraed.
  5. Able to select Cashbook when doing settlement for PD Cheque.


New Features
  1. Allow editing of Credit Memos which have been contraed.
  2. Added Supplier Opening Balance Function just like the Customer Opening Balance Function.

System Configuration

New Configurations
  1. Allow configuration of the salesman drop down list to show all users, or only active users.
  2. Create GRN now has configuration to allow more than 2 decimal points.