Enhancement / New Features / Patches for EMP V 1.5

posted Dec 15, 2008, 1:54 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 5, 2009, 6:51 PM ]

EMP V 1.5 (2008 November 26)



  1. Edit Account / Settle Document

    When user set the customer's status from Blacklisted to OK, record this action into System Admin -> Audit Trail Report

  2. CM Listing

    Allow user to filter by customer


  1. Transaction Aging Analysis

    Allow user to filter the report by multiple branches

    Allow user to either include / exclude out-standing documents

  2. CM Listing

    Allow user to filter by supplier



  1. RMA (Dept) -> Service Note Listing Printable

    Rename the Supplier Return and Supplier Collection columns

  2. Full-screen Cash-sale

    Allows user to edit Admin Charges


  1. Direct Receiving Stock

    Display Discount 1, 2, 3 prices in the Item Details pop-up

  2. Internal Stock Transfer Summary Listing

    This report shows only Internal Stock Transfers without the item details

  3. Internal Stock Transfer Detailed Listing

This is the original Internal Stock Transfer Listing

New Feature

  1. Full-screen Cash-sale for Multiple Card Payment

    This Cash-sale screen allow user to record payment from multiple Credit Cards



  1. Cash book -> Query Transaction

    Allow the report to display even if remarks is null

  2. Cash book -> Cash Transfer by Transaction

    The Journal Transaction created as a result of this transaction will follow the Transferred Document's Date

New Feature

  1. Open Payment Voucher / Knock-off

    This feature allow user to create advance payment to Supplier / Customer without having to have the SINV / Customer CM created first. After creating SINV / Customer CM, user just need to use the Knock-off function to tie the Open Payment Voucher with the appropriate document.



  1. MISC Listing -> General Listing

    Allow all Sales Order to be reprinted


New Permission

     1. Create GRN by PO : There is permission to guard for which branch the user can create the GRN for. The permission can be configured under Trading -> Direct Receving Stock


  1. GRN Listing

    After user edits the GRN Ref No, reflect the changes on SINV and GRN


  1. Create PO

    Allow user to add multiple Stock Requests into single PO



  1. Credit Memo -> Contra

    Allows user to contra Credit Memo with Foreign Currency created from Purchase Return with the GRN



  1. Stock Availability

    If the quantity balance is ZERO, display as blank

    By default, sort the report by Item Code

    Allow user to filter the report by multiple locations

    Display EAN next to item name

  2. Adjustment Listing

    Allow user to print through the printable page

  3. Item Listing

    Allow user to edit the item Status directly from this listing



  1. Stock Sales by Item Code

    Guard the COGS and GP column with permission. This permission can be configured under System Admin -> Role Permission -> Inventory -> General Permission -> View Average Cost of Stock

  2. Transaction Aging Analysis

    Allow user to filter the report by multiple branches.