Backup Transfer from Server to USB Thumb Drive

Transferring database from the server to USB Thumb Drive is much desired to secure a user's database as much as possible. On the server which you want to perform the backup, do the following:

1) Follow the instructions here for the creation of 'sysadmin' user and configuration for shell script and cron job. Follow the instructions on the following topics:        

        1. Setting up the system administrator user in the linux          
2. Shell script and cron job

2) Next, after you have done all those, type in the following command:
        ls -l ~/public_html/backup
3) You will see a listing displayed on your terminal screen. Example:
-rw-r--r-- 1 sysadmin sysadmin 23798508 2009-07-30 11:03 <your server's hostname>-backup-db.sql   

4) After you have checked for the appropriate file which you want to copy to your thumb drive, you can obtain the file by mouse-click by clicking on:             
    Places->Home Folder->public_html->backup

5)Click on the desired file to copy and right-click -> copy. Then, you can plug-in your USB thumb drive onto your server and you will see a window pop-up which displays the content of your thumb drive. On the window for your thumb drive, right-click-> paste.

5)After it is done already, you can close the window and right-click on your thumb drive icon which appeared on the Desktop and select unmount. With that, you are done transferring the backup from your server to your thumb drive.