System Maintenance

To ensure your system running smoothly 24 x 7, there are things we need to do to your linux servers. Some of them include the following:

Hardening Linux Security

SSH is a secure protocol that allows users shell access to a linux servers through a command line interface. In linux servers, with a command line, a lot of things could be done to the server. To prevent un-authorized access, we teach you how to harden the server by limiting certain users to access the server.
There are also built in software firewall in linux servers that you can use to further harden the system to allow access of certain ports only.
Click here for more info.

Scheduling EMP Database Backup

Crontab is a scheduler in linux that allow you to periodically backup your database on a regular basis. Click here for more info on how to make use of this powerful scheduler.

Non-Interactive File Transfer to Another Computer

To login to a server for backup, most often than not, username and passwords are required. To automate the file transfer process without user intervention, click here for more info.

Transferring Database from the server to USB Thumb Drive

An external copy of backup of the database is desired to secure the database as much as possible. Find out more here to know how to transfer the backup to your USB Thumb Drive.

Server Hardware Maintenance

  • Check your hardisks
  • Check your server fan