Checking Daily Collection from branches and remote offices

Internal control over cash receipt is possible if users use daily collection report. hence, this report makes it easier for managers to monitor the cash in the drawer against the daily collection report.

Columns clarification:
  • Cash: Shows all cash receipts over the counter.
  • Card: buying without having to pay cash immediately.
  • Cheque: documents that instructs a bank to pay the designated person or business a specified amount of money.
  • PD cheques: those cheques which have been written by the drawer for a date in the future may appears in daily cash collection reports.
  • CRV (Cash Rebate Voucher) 
  • Username: this option allows users choose a particular cashier.
  • Receipt: (e.g. Rct145) helps users to view receipt's details,
  • Document number under payment voucher listing (e.g. 100012) allows user to search and find out the details about a particular PV, Finance>Payment Voucher>Search
  • Payment Voucher listing in this report determine an approval before payment which takes the form of a voucher to enhance internal control.