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Features and Functions

Wavelet EMP consists of various modules that are tightly integrated. Below is a brief summary of the various features and functions

  1. System Administration Module

    1. Add / Edit Users

      • Password encryption with 3 iterations of MD5 algorithm, even the database administrator could not decipher the passwords

      • Convenient way of specifying the user role and default branch of the user

      • Role based permissions, allowing previously defined permissions to be assigned to a user easily

      • Able to de-activate the user without resetting passwords.

    2. Add / Remove Roles

      • Unlimited roles could be created to fulfil the needs of complex organization structure

      • Special privileged role, "developer" for super user of the systems

    3. Role Permissions

      • Role centric permission settings for ease of control

      • High level module settings are detailed screen settings are available

      • Permission settings for all reports in the system by branches, locations and PC Centers.

    4. Audit Trail Reports

      • Comprehensive audit trail for all reports generation

      • Detailed tracking of the remote login IP address and username

      • Detailed tracking of all sales return, purchase return, stock adjustments, price changes and item code maintenance

      • Able to filter the audit trail by user

      • Fuzzy search engine to search the audit trail records for enhanced usability

    5. Auto Workshop Configurations

      • Enable or disable department code checking when user create and edit job sheets

    6. System configurations

      • Allow user to specify SMTP mail server, username and passwords, so that Wavelet EMP could connect to external dedicated mail server to send out emails

      • For chain stores and franchises, there are 2 running numbers for all documents in the system (invoice, official receipt, payment voucher, credit memo etc), and some companies would prefer to use branch specific running number, while some prefer to use global running number while displaying these documents.

    7. Trading Module Configurations

      • The user interface of the create invoice, cash sale, job sheet screens could be configured to allow user specify the final selling price, or just specify the discount and let the system calculate the net price after deducting the discount from the list price.

      • The sales return options allow user to set the default logic where system could automatically generate a payment voucher for cash refund or the system leave the Credit Memo created during sales return for knocking off other documents (invoice and credit memo).

      • Each customer could be given specific discount percentage on all items. Normally applicable to distribution business where discounts that are customer specific could be applicable to line discount of each item in an invoice or discount as a package in total.

      • When doing inter company stock transfer, even though the transfer cost does not affect the average costing or stock value, but there are options for the system to use specific price e.g. List Price, Moving Average Cost, and Last Purchase Cost.

      • When doing inter company stock transfer, hide the selling price.

    8. Point of Sales Configurations

      • Able to configure the COM port to be used by the Point of  Sales terminal that connects to the cash register / cash drawer

      • Flexible default message at the display pole used by the Point of Sales, and COM port configurations

      • Able to modify the driver used at the Point of Sales

      • Cashier reminder configurations

    9. Inventory Module Configurations

      • When creating the BOM (Bill of Material), users are able to specify DETAILS or HEADER_LIMITED option. For HEADER_LIMITED option, when you add packages to an invoice, the child items will appear to have minor numbering. the child items also do not have any edit/delete links. if you want to delete them, you have to delete the main item, the header item in the package.

    10. E-Commerce Module Configurations

      • Flexible configurations for E-Commerce integration with May Bank credit card gateway, Maybank2u, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, POS Pay, FPX and mobile money.

    11. Loyalty Module configurations

      • Flexible company logo, header and footer settings without customization by programmers.

    12. Customer Module configurations

      • Options to select different format for batch printing statement

      • Options to view invoice ageing reports by day or by calendar month

    13. Footwear Module configurations

      • When issuing invoice from certain branches, checking of negative stock quantity can be disabled. This will allow the users to issue invoice even though it will result in negative quantity. This is useful for companies that do not use want to control the inventory, but focus on using the Account Receivable features and functions of the system.

    14. Department Code Maintenance

      • For certain businesses, the same product or service could be rendered to the customer through different departments, hence, the information could not be tied to the inventory item master. The system allow the users to select the department when issuing job sheet or invoice.


  1. Customer Module

    1. Settle Documents / Deposit

      • When keying in the collections from customers, user use the same screen, making it more user friendly

      • Cross branches collections could be perform easily

      • Users could change branch on the fly

      • Multiple payment mode accepted, partial cash, credit card, cheque, post dated cheque, voucher, etc.

      • Real time credit card number verification using LUHN algorithm

      • Automatic finance charges deduction from the cash book for credit card transactions

      • Flexible cash book selection for "other" payment mode.

      • Auto settlement of invoices in chronological order given an amount

      • Able to create back dated official receipts, while differentiating the create time and receipt date for audit purposes and fraud prevention

      • Comprehensive cross references to allow users track partially settled invoices

    2. Deposit Settlement

      • Convenient way of pulling out all deposits that are still open

      • Deposit running number follows official receipt running number for easy consolidations of all collections

      • Official Receipt preview, and easy auto settlement based on deposit amount should there by multiple invoices.

    3. Monitor Outstanding Document

      • Cross branches outstanding invoices are consolidated on a real time basis

      • Simple Ageing summary at the top

      • Could be filtered by branch, according to the permission settings

      • Easy navigation to view details of the invoices and credit memos

      • This function is used for sales man to request for payments because for invoices knock off by post dated cheques, it will not know in the list anymore. For credit control, post dated cheque needs to be included until it is cleared.

      • Sub-total for each branch

      • Detailed ageing in number of days for each document

      • Colour coding for invoices that have exceeded the credit terms

      • Blinking amount for outstanding credit that has exceeded the credit limit of the customer.

    4. Monitor Outstanding PDC Document

      • Similar to "Monitor Outstanding Document", but the outstanding document is only knocked off after the post dated cheques have been banked in or cleared (in side the finance module post dated cheque processing).

      • This is useful for credit control because post dated cheques that have not been cleared result in higher risk for the customer

    5. Account Receivable Transaction Details

      • Able to filter this report by PC Center, does not need to log out and login to view AR Transaction details of different companies or branches.

      • Can filter for any date range

      • Convenient drill down function to view the source documents

    6. Billing Statement

      • Able to print billing statement with preset address from any of the branches

      • Display both all debit/credit transactions, and ageing summary of the outstanding invoices.

    7. Statement Of Account

      • Showing only outstanding invoice based on current date

      • Displaying all official receipts or credit memos used to knock off an invoice

      • Ageing summary available at the bottom of the statement.

    8. Batch Printing of Billing Statement / Statement of Account

      • Filter for sales man is useful for customer relationship management

      • Filter customer by name (range of names)

      • Filter by branch, useful for salesman that manages multiple regions/area and customer that are distributed in various regions/areas

    9. Credit Memo

      • Listing with date filter, branch filter, and open balance criteria

      • Integrated Trade-In functionality within the credit memo. Trade-In items will update the average cost of the stock

      • Customer credit note could be knock off or settled with payment voucher in finance module.

    10. Customer Account Maintenance

      • Provide name checking before creating the account to minimize or eliminate duplication of accounts

      • Complete fields for various customer attributes

      • Multiple contacts per customer account

      • Differentiation of corporate account and personal account

      • Salesman tagging for each customer account

      • Area code attribute for sales analysis

      • Suspension of customer account for various control reasons. Users cannot issue new invoices to customer accounts that have been suspended

      • For automotive workshop module, multiple vehicles could be added to each account, especially useful for corporate clients.

    11. Customer Opening Balance

      • Individual invoice from the old system could be recorded according to the original document date to enable ageing analysis during the initial implementation of Wavelet EMP

      • Each of the opening invoices could be tied to a specific branch

    12. Upload Customer List

      • Users could export their old customer list into an excel file, modify the data, and then save the file as "tab" delimited, "|" delimited or  "," (comma) separated values. Comma separated values are not advisable because addresses often contains comma.

      • Options to overwrite or leave existing data intact if it exists already

    13. Search Customer Records

      • Sorting of search records based on various fields

      • Fuzzy search on various fields

    14. Detailed Sales Records

      • Searching customer sales history

      • Can filter by date range and item code range

    15. Historical AR Balance

      • Able to view the AR balance by various customers based on PC Center

      • Ability to trace back AR balance at any date

    16. Official Receipt Listing

      • All collections from deposits to cash sales, and invoice settlement by the customers will prompt the system to create a document called Official Receipt.

      • By looking at the receipt listing, we will be able to identify all collections done regardless of the transactions type/nature.

      • Special keyword search function to find out the receipt number based on cheque number from the customers, remarks, description etc.

      • Filter for create time and transaction time/date of the listing allow for greater transparency and flexibility. It enhance any potential fraud as well.

      • Filter by username enable daily collection report for  each cashier / counter to be generated

      • Able to filter only the "Reversed Receipt" for control and internal audit purposes



  1. Supplier Module

    1. Monitor Account Payable

      • Detailed outstanding supplier invoice

      • Easy drill down to trace the Goods Received Note, Credit Memo, Purchase Return etc

      • Colour coding to help prioritize payments to supplier that are long overdue

      • Grouping of Supplier Outstanding invoices across various branches

    2. Historical Account Payable Balance

      • Able to view the AP balance as of any date for any company within the database

      • Easy drill down to the detail of the Account Payable for each supplier

    3. Account Payable Transactions

      • Able to filter this report by PC Center, does not need to log out and login to view AP Transaction details of different companies or branches.

      • Can filter for any date range

      • Convenient drill down function to view the source documents

    4. Billing Statement

      • Printing of billing statement for each supplier to reconcile the statements from the supplier

    5. Credit Memo

      • Able to create credit memo for non-inventory / stock related transactions that affects the AP and other General Ledgers.

      • After a credit memo has been created, if it has not been used to knock off by other payment vouchers, or supplier invoices, the credit memo could be edited

    6. Supplier Account Maintenance

      • Auto generated supplier account number

      • Flexible Supplier Account code and auto append the supplier code with unique number

      • Supplier listing


  1. Manager Module

    1. Daily Sales Report with cash flow analysis

      • A very detailed report to display cash, credit card, cheque, post dated cheque, voucher and other collection based on a date range specified.

      • Cash collection for current sales, deposits collected and collection for previous invoices are clearly separated

      • Sales Return with hyperlinks showing corresponding invoices enable easy cross referencing

      • An excellent report to look at the cash flow, sales, sales return and various daily transaction in a bird's eye view

    2. Gross Profit by Invoice Report / Gross Profit by Salesman by Invoice Report

      • A useful report to cross check the profitability of each sales transaction, instead of viewing the profitability of sales line by line

      • Needed especially when some of the items within a sales are below cost, while some are profitable, overall profitability of the transaction is more important than line by line sales analysis

      • Should there be any sales return for a specific invoice, the sales return hyperlinks are shown

      • The negative margin of sales returns are also included at the bottom of the reports to calculate overall gross profit

    3. Stock Sales Report

      • This report provides detailed line by line item sold, with hyperlink for easy drill down to the source document

      • Gross profit in percentage and absolute amount are calculated line by line

      • Colour coding (red) is used to highlight the negative gross margin transactions

      • Sales return are included

    4. Sales Item, CRV, Finance Charges Report

      • The cost of sales for each invoice item is not limited to the inventory cost (cost of goods sold).

      • There are several other costs incurred, for example, if Cash Rebate Vouchers were given to customers based on each item, or if the customers pay using Easy Payment Scheme (IPP) where finance charges could be amounting to between 5% to 9%, which is significant.

      • While giving out sales commissions to the salesman sometimes it makes sense to deduct these direct charges, and only pay out commissions based on gross profit calculated after deducting these finance charges etc

    5. Daily Invoice Summary

      • This report shows the total amount, number of invoices, minimum amount, maximum amount and average amount of the invoices on a daily basis

    6. Daily Receipt Summary

      • This report show the total collection by different payment mode on a daily basis.

      • Useful for cash flow planning

    7. Periodic Stock Balance and Movement Summary / Periodic Stock Balance and Movement By Category

      • This report provides a complete view the entire stock movement from opening stock, sales, sales return, purchases, purchase return, internal stock transfer, adjustments etc right up to closing stock within a specified period of time.

      • The category grouping enable easy analysis of the stock movement

    8. Sales Report By Invoice with Inventory Category Grouping

      • This report shows individual invoices, sales return and a breakdown of the invoice items by inventory category grouping

      • Since the inventory categories can be by product type, by brand, by department etc, hence the performance analysis of the sales could be analyzed from different perspective

    9. Daily Sales Report with Inventory Category Grouping

      • This report shows the summary of total daily sales and the breakdown of the sales amount  by various inventory category grouping

      • Since the inventory categories can be by product type, by brand, by department etc, hence the performance analysis of the sales could be analyzed from different perspective

    10. Purchase Report by GRN with Inventory Category Grouping

      • This report allows users to analyze the type of products being brought in for each Goods Received Note

    11. Sales Report By Salesman

      • This report is useful to analyze salesman performance

    12. Sales Report by Customer Code

      • Some customers may be categorized by using customer code, and it could mean geographical regions, or other type of classifications

      • Essentially, this report helps to analyze their sales by different customer segments

    13. Transaction Ageing Report by Salesman

      • This report group the outstanding invoice by salesman

      • Useful for credit control and risk management

    14. Sales Report Group By Salesman, Customer and Category (Summary)

      • The main purpose of this report is to look at the type of customers the salesmen are servicing, and the type of product, each of the customers are buying.

    15. Sales Report Summary By Customer

      • This report is often used for distribution type of business to reward the top dealers

    16. Stock Movement by GRN Report

      • This report allow the procurement manager to analyze the salability of the products when they are making payments for each of the supplier invoices.

    17. Multi-branch Daily Sales, Purchases and Collection Report

      • This report presents daily sales, gross profit, trade-in, collection and payment of all the selected branches

      • This report is normally generated on a monthly basis

    18. Daily Gross Profit by Salesman

      • This report provides the daily summary of the gross profit generated by each salesman



  1. Workshop Module

    1. Create Job sheet

      • A job sheet running number is allocated only upon saving of the job sheet

      • User could add packages or individual items

      • Fixed discount and line discount options

      • Fuzzy search of customer records and vehicle number

      • Government Service Tax support for service items

      • Support vehicle or non-vehicle customer account

    2. Edit Job Sheet

      • Able to convert job sheet to cash bill on the spot

      • Can specify various payment options in the same screen

      • Can re-print job sheet without header

    3. Purchase Non-Stock

      • Friendly user interface to search for non-stock items, and auto construct the item code based on categories when users select the inventory category

      • Auto create Goods Received Note, and insert the non-stock item into job sheet

    4. Job Sheet Listing

      • Allow filter by branch, and date

      • Allow filter by status of the job sheet

    5. Service History

      • Searching vehicle service history


  1. Customer Loyalty Program

    1. Member card maintenance

      • Create member card function, complete with Identity card checking to prevent duplication of cards for the same member

      • Member card listing by salesman

      • Fuzzy search for member card

    2. Membership Points Maintenance

      • Adjustment of membership points

      • Membership Points Statement

      • Reward and redemption report

      • Membership Points Report by item code for analysis of effectiveness of the membership campaign

      • Membership Points Summary by Member Card to gauge the top members etc

    3. Membership Rewards

      • Multiple concurrent campaigns

      • Each campaign can have multiple rules

      • Each rule could have filter for item code and item categories using regular expressions

      • Reward points could be calculated by absolute value or by ratio of the list price with upper and lower cap

      • Pre-defined start date and stop date of the campaign

    4. Membership Redemption

      • Multiple concurrent campaigns

      • Each campaign can have multiple rules

      • Each rule could have filter for item code and item categories using regular expressions

      • Redemption points could be calculated by absolute value or by ratio of the list price with upper and lower cap

      • Pre-defined start date and stop date of the campaign

      • Each rule could also define the cash top up as absolute value or as a ratio of the list price with upper and lower cap



  1. Distribution Module

    1. Order Taking

      • Create Sales Order with delivery details

      • Support packages

      • Support sales order with deposits

      • Fuzzy search on sales order

      • Third party customer loyalty program points reward and redemption

      • Collection processing

      • Debt collection pooling to track collection history for each order

      • Conversion of sales order to invoices / cash bill

      • Collection report by payment mode

      • Collection report by payment remarks

      • Printing of order listing

      • Order fulfillment processing

    2. Delivery Management

      • Delivery Item Tracking

      • Creating trips

      • Assigning drivers to each trip

      • Trip listing

      • Receipt Analysis Report

    3. Distribution Maintenance

      • Drop down list options for various screens

      • Driver maintenance / Delivery or courier companies maintenance

      • Delivery locations with various courier/shipping charges



  1. Florist Module

    1. Sales Order

      • Order number is generated on the fly, and if the number is not used, it will be placed in a recycle bin

      • Auto calculations of delivery charges based on delivery location

      • Allow short hand and user friendly drop down selection for card messages

      • Accept packages

      • Delivery and production options for individual items in the order

      • Support various payment options

    2. Order Processing

      • Assigning orders to florists

      • Home > Overview > Wavelet EMP Features and Functionality
      • Order listing based on florist

      • Printing of inter-flora forms

      • Message card checking, and order printing

    3. Collection

      • Collection processing

      • Create / Edit Invoice Allocation Summary

      • Third party loyalty card rewards

      • Collection Report by Payment Remarks

      • Collection Report by Payment Mode

    4. Other features

      • Card / Gift processing

      • Unfulfilled order listing

      • Complaint management

      • Message card printing and other printing options


  1. Procurement Module

    1. Incoming Stock

      • Show all unfulfilled purchase order details

      • One click to receive the incoming stock

      • Cancel/Close Purchase Order

    2. Direct Receiving Stock

      • User does not need to create purchase order

      • When doing GRN, for serialized items, if the serial number has been used before, warning will be given, and hyperlink pointing to the previous GRN with the serial number will be shown to prevent duplicated stock entry

      • Supplier reference number will be checked against previous reference number from the same supplier to prevent duplication of GRN

      • Account Payable is linked with the GRN

    3. Purchase Order

      • New purchase order will be pending for approval before it could be converted into GRN

      • Purchase order could be closed if supplier is not able to fulfil the order

    4. Purchase Return

      • Purchase return is done based on GRN

      • Serial number support

    5. Purchase Inquiry

      • New product inquiry from the sales force module is routed to the procurement module

      • The procurement department look at these inquiries and forward them to multiple suppliers for quotation

      • Quotations from the supplier are mark up before they are channeled back to the sales force module

      • Procurement department will not have access to customer information based on permission settings

      • Product inquiry will be converted into Pro-forma Invoice and Purchase Order accordingly


  1. Inventory Module

    1. Inventory Search

      • Basic search provides faster retrieval of inventory, showing only stock balance in respective locations if exist

      • Advanced search display the records in matrix format with one column for each location, and one row for each item code (with or without quantity)

      • Bubble tips to show the list price, cost price, last cost etc when user place their cursor on the stock quantity figure

    2. Stock Movement Report

      • Excellent report to help companies trace the movement of a specific item code at a specific location

      • Easy drill down to source document with cross referencing hyperlinks

    3. Stock Reports

      • Sales Sales Report - Line by line display of all inventory sales and sales return with gross profit and filter for salesman, date range, inventory category etc

      • Stock Balance Report - Show stock balance by category or individual items

      • Stock Purchase Report - Line by line display of all goods received or returned to the supplier. Has colour coding to indicating rising or dropping prices

      • Historical Stock Balance Report - Based on current average cost, the system could re-calculate the quantity of stock as of any specific date in the past.

      • Item Code Stock Movement Report - The opening balance, sales, sales return, purchases, purchase returns, adjustment and stock transfers are all tabulated in this report.

      • Item listing by category

      • Trade-In Report

      • Stock Movement Details by GRN

      • Stock Balance Summary Group By Extended Category

    4. Serial Number

      • Trace Stock - Track the movement of a serialized item from GRN to stock transfers, sales, returns etc. Easy drill down with document hyperlink in each transaction

      • Serial Number Balance - Given an item code, the system will display all serial numbers in various locations

      • Edit serial number - Useful to define the detailed specifications or attributes of each serial number if they have different specifications

      • Serial number listing

      • Serial number adjustments

    5. Maintenance and master tables

      • Category maintenance

      • Item code maintenance - Can specify up to 5 level of pricing, serial number support, gst etc.

      • Inventory item listing with item code or category filter

      • Seasonal promotion configurations

      • Reset Moving Average Cost - When moving average cost is being reset, the system is able to generate all the cost adjustments, and the account (Inventory and Inventory Variance General Ledger) are being updated automatically based on the change in price and the quantity in all locations for the company.

      • There is a drop down list to configure certain option box

      • Upload Item Code - The system could import data from excel file once it is saved as comma separated value, tab delimited or "|" delimited.

    6. Bill Of Material

      • Unlimited level of BOM

      • Support for pseudo name and code

      • Various options for displaying the BOM differently in invoice or cash bills

      • Multi level (4) stock packing


  1. Trading Module

    1. Point of Sales - Cashsales

      • Can integrate with cash register and display pole at the cashier counter

      • Integrated membership program with points redemption and rewards

      • Fully keyboard operated

      • Support various payment methods - cash, credit card, cheque, post dated cheque and other form of payments

      • Customizable cash bill format for printing - support dot matrix printer, laser printer and thermal printer (smaller in size)

      • Can import cash sale details from job sheet and service note

      • Re-printing of cash bill

    2. Invoice

      • Credit control checker to warn users should there be invoices and terms that have exceeded the credit limit

      • Printing of invoice as delivery order using the same running number

      • Support packages and pseudo codes

    3. Cancel Invoice / Cash bill

      • Automatically perform sales return to the invoice or cash bill on all the items

      • Automatically reverse the collection (cash, card, cheque etc..)

      • Stocks movement of the invoice and cash bill are reversed

      • Record in audit trail and various sales report as sales return

    4. Sales Return

      • Cross check on invoice or cash bill to prevent fraud

      • Sales return amount cannot be higher than the selling price

      • Returned item are recorded and cannot be returned more than once

      • Credit Memo is automatically created for Sales Return, can be used for knocking off future invoice etc.

    5. Job sheet

      • Useful to record all services or assembled products in progress

      • Can be converted into cash bill or invoice with just one click

      • Serial number support

      • Can print job sheet as quotation to get customer approval before finalizing the price

      • Support Government Service Tax

    6. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization - Warranty)

      • Support internal and external stock

      • Link with customer database used at Point of Sales for easy retrieval of customer data

      • Printing of Service Note to the customer at the branches

      • Work flow to process the Service Note into RMA

      • RMA Stock with Supplier Report for tracking and control

      • Short cut to check history of serial number

    7. Internal Stock Transfer

      • Cost and selling price could be hidden

      • Serial number support

      • One click to receive all stock, no duplication of data entry

      • Negative stock balance checking

    8. Daily Cashier Collection Report

      • Filter by branch, username or date range

      • Filter by create time vs transaction time to ensure no collection is omitted

      • Should there be cash refund using Payment Voucher, it will show at the bottom of the list too.

      • Different type of collection mode (cash, card, cheque etc) are shown in different columns



  1. Finance Module

    1. Payment Vouchers

      • Support foreign currency

      • Can be used to pay for supplier invoices and customer credit note

      • Can record a mixture of supplier invoices and record expenses by GL Code at the same time

      • Print Queue for payment vouchers

      • Payment Voucher Listing

      • Reverse Payment automatically reverses the open amount of the supplier invoices and credit memo

    2. Cash books

      • Cash Transfer by lump sum amount

      • Cash Transfer by Transaction

      • Query Cash book transaction details

      • Bank Reconciliation

      • Cash Level

      • Adjustment

    3. Receipt Voucher

      • Receipt voucher is used for non-Account Receivable, and non-sales cash collection e.g. rental receivable etc.

    4. Reverse Receipt

      • Automatically reverse the settlement, credit card charges and all other journals created when the Official Receipt was first created

    5. Regular and Post Dated Cheque Processing

      • Keeping track of normal cheques and post dated cheques

      • Bounced cheques recorded


  1. Accounting Module

    1. General Ledger Listing

      • Printing of GL Details in 2 different formats

      • Drill down to source documents and journal transaction easily

    2. Trial Balance

      • Drill down to General Ledger from Trial Balance

    3. Profit and Loss Statement

      • Drill down to General Ledger from Profit and Loss Statement

      • No archiving process, hence, can generate old P&L since the system is first being used.

    4. Balance Sheet

      • Drill down to General Ledger from Balance Sheet

    5. Trace Documents

      • Able to trace invoices, receipts etc to find all related cash books, journal transactions etc.

    6. Cash Accounts

      • System allows user to tag a GL Code to the cash book, and when there's any transaction in the cash book, the General Ledger will be updated accordingly

      • Multiple cash books can share the same GL Code

    7. Chart of Accounts

      • Instead of using numbers, GL Code can be represented by GL Code for easy data entry when creating payment vouchers, credit memo, receipt vouchers etc.

    8. Card Payment Configurations

      • Credit card charges could be pre-configured such that bank finance charges for credit card transactions at Point of Sales will be automatically calculated

      • Multiple Payment Mode could be specified for each credit card

      • Preferred cash book for each payment mode could be configured

    9. Inter-company stock transfer

      • The customer-supplier-branch relationship could be specified for automated billing between companies

    10. Ageing Period Setup

      • The ageing reports in "Manager Module" could be configured based on number of days for each period

    11. Multi-currency

      • Unlimited number of foreign currencies

      • foreign currencies could be used at Purchase Order, GRN and Payment vouchers

      • Forex gain or loss could be auto calculated

    12. Multiple Companies

      • Support multiple companies in one database

      • Users don't need to logout and login to view financial statements for different companies