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Advantages and Benefits of Wavelet EMP



1. Franchise and Chain Store


As Wavelet EMP's architecture and design was specially developed with the franchise and chain store in mind, companies that operates across different geographical locations could take advantage of the business logic of franchise and chain store, while smaller companies could have peace of mind that they don't have to change another software as their business grow.


2. One stop portal to manage the entire company, and beyond (customers, suppliers, banks etc).


Most off the shelf accounting packages can meet 90% of the accounting requirements, but unfortunately, in terms of more complex business processes, or requirements specific to certain industries, these off the shelf software may be cheap, but the costs of not using a system that fully integrates various business processes and work flow to back-end financial transactions has proven to be very costly and detrimental to a business.

Instead of having multiple independent packages, Wavelet integrates all processes and work flow into one single application, and this ensure seamless operations and information flow within a company, and achieve optimum operational efficiencies.


3. Lower cost of ownership


a) Web-based

Web-based or thin client applications enable users to use the program virtually with any client operating systems at the terminals. As long as there's a web browser, anyone could access the application from anywhere, anytime. In addition, zero setup or installations at the client terminals means reduced technical support and effort to maintain re-install client programs, especially when the client computer breakdowns etc.

Also, memory and hardware requirements for thin client applications are extremely low. Instead of investing in 500 powerful computers to run the software, now companies only need to invest in one good server.


b) Open Source Platform

As Wavelet EMP could run fully on Open Source Platform, this means that there are no other hidden licensing costs, or costly database licenses calculated by number of CPU or number of connections.



4. Better Control and Faster Decisions


a) Decision makers will be able to access information, reports etc on a real time basis, instead of waiting for batch processing of the data before a report could be generated.


b) Certain cross branches business logic, for example credit control, redemption of vouchers and other potential areas that could be abused by fraudulent transactions could be prevented.



5. Improve Operational Efficiencies


a) By removing duplication of data entry, and fully integrated modules from Point of Sales to Accounting and Finance, users will be able to focus their time on more important things, instead of data entry.


b) Faster information retrieval and flow of information on a real time basis across multiple locations means increased efficiency.



6. Better Customer Service, Support and Relationship Management


a) Various features and functions to provide better customer service, for example, RMA module, customer loyalty programme, and various business intelligence reports.


b) Company website, online catalog, order tracking, RMA status report and various other online services could be provided to the customers on a real time basis, using the self service concept.



Advantages of Web Applications

What are Web Applications ?

A web application runs entirely from within your browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Web applications are becoming increasing more popular because they offer many advantages over traditional software. Online shopping is the most common example of a web application. The advantages of web applications are as such:-


Customised software application will work with you

No special configuration or changes are need on users PCs.

Customised software application will work with you

Lower costs.

Customised software application will work with you

Centralised data is secure and easy to backup.

Customised software application will work with you

Updates can be made quickly and easily.

Customised software application will work with you

Information is accessible to a wide audience anywhere in the world.

Customised software application will work with you

Access time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customised software application will work with you

Everybody has a browser. Familiar interface encourages use.

Customised software application will work with you

Online training can be completed at user's own time and pace.

Customised software application will work with you

Always up-to-date.

Examples of Web Applications

  • An online price list or quotation system would help reduce the time spent giving pHome > Overview > Advantages and Benefits

    rices to customers over the phone.
  • Web based documentation eliminates costly and wasteful distribution of printed materials

  • Centralised data would eliminates the need to collolate data between sales offices. 

  • Public users could be given responsibility to maintain their own details online saving costly staff time.

  • Employees or agents located at different locations, on the road or even overseas, all have direct access to current information.

  • Online assessments allow easy collection & management of results.





1. Java Enterprise Edition


2. JBoss


3. PostgreSQL Database


4. Linux / Unix


5. Web Based Architecture


6. Model View Controller