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10 Reasons To Choose Wavelet

  • Wavelet EMP is 100% Designed for Chain Stores and Franchises
    Some of our clients include TopSpeed, Thunder Match, All IT, FTec, blooming.com.my and many other companies with multiple locations dealing with IT and electronics.

  • Wavelet EMP is 100% Web-based.
    Can you imagine having to maintain and install 200 applications in various terminals/PCs in order to accommodate 200 users? How about when your business grow into 500 users and beyond?Tthe amount of maintenance to ensure Windows compatibility, and various other program could be a nightmare. In addition, there are many benefits of web-based applications that are unrivaled by traditional desk top applications

  • Wavelet EMP is Fully Secured and Proven
    Our system is linked to all major banks in Malaysia, and has been audited by Maybank and RHB Bank.

  • Scalability of Wavelet EMP
    Wavelet EMP is written on J2EE ('Java 2 Enterprise Edition'), the application can run on Windows, Linux and Unix. For larger companies, we would recommend Sun Microsystems Unix servers or IBM/HP mainframe. For medium size companies, Red Hat Linux will suffice.

  • Wavelet EMP is E-Commerce Ready
    For example, take a look at www.blooming.com.my. The E-commerce module is fully integrated with back end Inventory, Order processing/logistics, Accounting and Finance. You do not need another team of staff to copy or re-enter the data from system to system. The payment gateway in Wavelet EMP is completed to accept payment with any credit card or without credit cards e.g online banking and mobile money.

  • Easy Payment Scheme
    From the Point of Sales ('POS') itself, our EPP function auto deduct the bank charges of various percentage based on 6 months, 12 months etc configured, so that your bank reconciliation can tally with the bank statement directly without manual checking and deduction of the charges.

  • Customer Loyalty Module
    A built-in Customer Loyalty module is integrated with the POS system and with the flexibility to management a comprehensive campaign promotion. The users can easily pull up membership statements and current redemption point available as and when needed.

  • Returned Merchandise Authorisation ('RMA') Module
    Fully customized for chain stores and franchises, with Service Notes, directly linked with the RMA to the suppliers. This module is highly recommended for electronics and electrical retailers

  • Comprehensive Serial Number Functionality
    * Very tight control on serial number to avoid keying wrong stock code by the users;
    * Comprehensive tracking of goods by serial numbers and tied with the warranty systems.

  • Multiple Companies In The Same Database
    * No need to login and logout;
    * When you create an item code, it is shared across different companies. No more duplication of work, and facing situation where the same stock code refers to different products.