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Supplier Opening Balance [MIGRATED]


(It is not being used anymore. Please go to supplier create invoice)

Upon adopting EMP for the first time, users will need to bring forward any outstanding balances from suppliers' accounts from the previous accounting system. This function only allows users to enter the amount, whereas, Upload Supplier Listing only imports the existing supplier information.
  • Supplier > Maintenance > Opening Balance
  • Select a Branch and click 'Change Branch'.
  • Click 'Supplier' to search and click Submit.
  • Add Opening Document:
    • Enter Old Reference number - from previous accounting software
    • Remarks
    • Date - date before EMP is adopted
    • Outstanding amount - The amount outstanding can be obtained from your old system's Outstanding Creditors for individual suppliers.
  • Click 'Add Invoice'.
  • List of Outstanding Invoices to be Settled:
    • Click 'Remove' to delete that transaction.
  • Finally, don't forget to click 'Confirm and Save'.
  • Click 'Reset' to reset the details only or click 'Reset Form' to reset everything including the Branch.

  • Opening balances can only be entered one by one for each supplier.
  • Please make sure that after adding up the outstanding supplier invoices, the total equals to the Accounts Payable in Balance Sheet as at that the date before EMP was used.
  • Please read Opening Stock / AR / AP.