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Reverse Supplier Credit Memo [MIGRATED]


A credit memo is sometimes created if, for example, a purchase return has occurred. The supplier issues a credit memo to the user to indicate that the user has credit with the supplier if no refund of cash was made. However, a reverse of credit memo should be made if the user utilized the credit to purchase other goods from that supplier.
  • Supplier > Credit Memo > Listing
  • Please refer to Credit Memo Listing
  • Take note of the correct Credit Memo number on the right of the list.
  • Supplier > Credit Memo > Reverse
  • Input the credit memo number into Credit Memo PKID and click 'Submit'. Only one credit memo can be reversed at a time.
  • The details of credit memo will then appear. Click 'Reverse Now'.
  • After completion, 'CM has been reversed' will be shown in red at the bottom.
On the other hand, a Credit Memo (Customer) can also be issued to a customer, which resulted from a sales return to the user company. To reverse a credit memo to customer, please see Credit Memo Reverse (Customer).