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Sales Force

Sales force module provides user the features and functionality to keep track of all customer product inquiries. This is usually done by the sales department or the call center. As they are handling a diverse group of customers, requesting for a diverse group of products, and the products prices fluctuate from time to time, hence it is not possible to provide an immediate quotation or choices of products based on customer inquiries.

All product inquiries entered into the system will be routed to the procurement module. The procurement department personnel will then route these customers inquiries to various suppliers. The suppliers could login to the Wavelet Supplier Portal to enter the quotations and give more information on the product, for example, minimum order quantity, available quantity in stock etc. After the suppliers responded to these product inquiries, the procurement department will follow-up with the customer inquiries processing. Once this is done, the sales department or call center would provide the customers with the quotations.

Sales Inquiry
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