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Direct Receiving Stock (Procurement) [MIGRATED]


Goods Receive Note

Goods Receive Note (GRN) is a document created to acknowledge recipient of a certain good/s.

To create GRN

  • Procurement > Transactions > Direct Receiving Stock

  • Select the relevant branch and then click on 'Set Branch'.
  • Then click on 'Supplier' to search for suppliers from where the goods are supplied, in the database. Alternatively, enter the PKID of the supplier and click on 'Submit'.
  • Enter the suppliers' Invoice / DO / Quotation (compulsory), any additional remarks, the GRN's date and Sales Order. Remember to click on 'Save Details' to lock all the details entered.
  • Then add the ordered items and there after, specify the cost price per unit/pieces and total quantity arrived. As you can see, there will be 2 spaces where you can enter the 'Full' or 'Loose' quantities.

  • Example:
    • Full - 1 (means 1 crate)
    • Loose - 1 (means 1 can)
  • Please be aware that the 'Loose' takes into account the lowest level in your Packing details. For more information on creating the Full and Loose, please refer Add Items.
    • After performing the above, click 'Confirm & Save' and a GRN document will be created.