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Supplier Management / Payment Processing

 Report Name Step By Step Guide Description / Usage / Benefits
Stock Movement By GRN Report
1. Just enter the GRN PKID.
2. Click 'Submit'.
3. Enter date range - From and To.
4. Select Location.
5. Click 'Submit'.
The areas displayed is again, exactly the same as Periodic Stock Balance and Movement Summary, but instead of showing ALL item codes, this report only show the item codes in specific GRN. Therefore, this report is narrowing down into GRNs.

To tell this report apart from Inventory > Stock Reports > Stock Movement Details by GRN Report,
Stock Movement Report By GRN breaks down sales, purchases and transfers into Invoices and GRN. So you will be able to see what invoices sold items from which GRN. However, the balance for both reports will be the same.
 Stock Movement Details By GRN Report
1. Key in the GRN PKID.
2. Click 'Load GRN'.
3. Enter dater range of how far items from invoices were sold from that GRN.
4. Click 'Generate Report'.
This report is concentrated on one GRN at a time. The PKID is entered and the detailed information of the GRN is shown - item code, price, quantity, related supplier invoice and most importantly, the stock movement. The stock movement is shown by any stock-in or stock-out transactions with the related documents (GRN, invoice, sales return, stock transfer).
 Purchase Report By GRN With Inventory Category Grouping1. Select Branch or All Branches.
2. Enter date range.
3. Select 1 level from 'Inventory Category Grouping'.
4. Click 'Submit'.
This report shows all the inflow / purchase of stock for a certain Inventory Group. This inflow includes GRN, Trade-In and Purchase Return done within the date range.
 Detailed Payment Voucher Listing
1. Select PC Center.
2. Specify a Cashbook if required.
3. Specify a date range, based on payment voucher transaction dates.
4. Optionally, you may restrict the report further by limiting the payment vouchers to only those that pay into the specified supplier account.
 This report returns all payment vouchers and their respective paid supplier invoices, with details.
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