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 Report Name Step By Step Guide Description / Usage / Benefits
Multi Branch Daily Sales, Purchases and Collection Report1. Enter date range.
2. Select Branches.
3. Click 'Submit'.
Users such as higher level management may find this report very useful. At one glance, users will be able to see the sales, gross profit, GRN, trade-in, purchases from suppliers and collection from customers. It is somewhat a brief bird's-eye view of the management of the business on a daily basis.

VAT Report (Tax Related Reports)

VAT Report summarizes all the tax charged for every Invoice or Sales Return made in the selected branches and month. To set the default tax rate and branches, please refer to Configure Tax Settings and then proceed to Add Items to set tax rate for individual item codes.
  • Select the Branches.
  • Choose the Month and Year you want to view.
  • Click 'Submit'.

  • This report shows how with Invoice / Sales Return pkid with tax.
  • List Price = Value of Goods - VAT Amount