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Customer Intelligence

 Report Name Step By Step Guide Description / Usage / Benefits
 Sales Report By Customer Code
1. Set Branch or All Branches.
2. Enter Date Range - To and From.
3. Customer Code Range - Customer Code can be obtained from Customer Listing. Or leave it blank to view all Customer Codes.
In this report, Customer Code means the Property 1-5 in Create Customer Account. Basically, this report categorizes customers based on the Geographical Area entered when creating the Customer Account. It summarizes the Sales, Sales Return and CM into one lump sum for each area.
 Sales Summary By Customer (Summary)
1. Set Branch or All Branches.
2. Enter Date Range - To and From.
3. Click 'Generate Report Now'.
Almost similar to Sales Report by Customer Code, except that it lists down ALL the customers individually. This report is useful for checking how regular the customer is to your business. The higher the Net Sales, the more loyal the customer is. Apart from the value of sales and sales return, this report also shows the Count - number of invoices and sales.
  • Invoice - Sales Return = Net Sales
 Detailed Sales Records By Customer Check out Detailed Transaction Records.This report allow users to generate the detailed transactions for specific customers. With this report, users will be able to see exactly how much gross profit has been generated from each customer from the transaction history. Primarily, it includes Invoice, Sales Return and Credit Memo.
  • Filters :
    • Salesman - Choose a salesman name to view only his / her customer records.
    • Customer From / To - To view customers from one PKID to another, like a customer code range.
    • Display Format - Default, Group by Salesman (Details), Group by Salesman (Summary 1), Group by Salesman (Summary 2). Each of these formats differentiates between the columns and how it's displayed.
  • Columns :
    • Standard Price - List Price in Add Item.
    • Discount
    • GP% = GP / Standard Price x 100%