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Stock Take(MIGRATED)

Migrated to :

"A stocktake involves the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory, warehouse etc., in order to provide an accurate audit of existing inventory and stock valuation. It is also the source of stock discrepancy information."

There are two approaches to do stock take. The first approach involves recording the stock count into an excel spreadsheet manually while the second approach uses a Hand Held device.

The following sections detail the procedures for performing the stock take

Procedures for using an Excel Spreadsheet to do a Stock Take

1) Generate a list of item codes

2) Perform the physical count
    a) With the report in one, users will print a copy, and let the stock taking officer fill in the forms.

3) Fill in the excel worksheet
    a) The quantity taken will be imported to an excel worksheet, and users will fill in the excel worksheet according to the format given.

4) Export the excel worksheet into csv according to the format given

5) Upload the file to INVENTORY -> STOCK TAKE function.

6) Missing Stock or extra stock could be:
   a) Recorded as Invoice or GRN or
   b) Adjusted using INVENTORY -> STOCK ADJUSTMENT

Procedures for using a Stock Take Device

Using a stock take device to perform stock take is far more efficient than using an excel spreadsheet. For example, a stock taker has to look up an item in a spreadsheet to record the stock count. On the other hand, a stock taker who uses a stock take device just need to scan in the barcode to identify the item for keying in the stock count.

The procedures below detail the steps for using the Stock Take Device:
1. Export the list of Items from Wavelet Management Portal
2. Make use of the file exported in Step 1 to produce a file format required by the Stock Take Device software.
3. Follow the Stock Take POS steps/workflow
4. Format the data file exported from 3. into a format to Generate the Stock Take Report from Wavelet Management Portal.
6. Missing Stock or extra stock could be adjusted by:
        6a Creating an Invoice or GRN
or     6b Adjusted using the Stock Adjustment screen.