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Stock Movement(MIGRATED)
Stock Movement shows the movement (In and Out) of the stocks due to sale to customer, transfer, sales return or stocking in inventories.
  • Inventory > Query / Report > Stock Movement
  • Enter a date range of From and To. Click on the calendar at the side to select a date.
  • Key in the Item Code or click 'Select Item Code'.
  • Select a Location / Branch.
  • Sort by:
    • Transaction Date - Date of when the transaction took place.
    • Creation Date - Date of when the stock movement was created.
The difference between these 2 dates is explained in the example scenarios below.

 Scenario Transaction Date
 Creation Date
 When you receive stock last week but forgot to stock-in Inventory until today Last week
 If the stock will be received tomorrow but you want to stock in today Tomorrow Today
 You received stock yesterday and stocked-in on the same day. Then, you sold (invoice) the stock today. Today Yesterday
  • Click 'Generate Report Now'.

  • The report will display opening and closing balance. For each transaction, two columns of 'IN' and 'OUT' will show stock being added or deducted from opening balance. Closing balance (final quantity) will appear at the bottom.
  • Click on Document number to view the Document.
  • Click 'Printable Page' to view and print the report.

  • If the user role eg. Branch Clerk cannot click and view the documents eg. ST or GRN as above, please change the permissions role shown below.
    • SystemAdmin > Manage Users > Role Permissions
    • Select role - Branchclerk
    • Click Inventory.
    • Click 'General Inventory Module Permissions'.
    • Tick 'View Average Cost Of Stock'.
    • Finally, remember to click 'Submit'.