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Recording Import Duty/LandedCost/Tax in EMP

posted Dec 15, 2008, 7:51 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 30, 2010, 6:55 PM by Unknown user ]
Situation :

When a shipment arrives, you will receive

  • Supplier Invoice for the stock (Example : Total amount = RM100)
  • Bill from your forwarder. This Bill contains both Freight Charges and a lump sum Landed Cost (Example : Freight charges = RM40, Landed Cost = RM10, thus Total Amount = RM50)

Hence, you can follow the steps below :

1. Create a GRN, where you specify each of the Item's Landed Cost. Total GRN amount = RM100. Total Landed Cost = RM10. So the Journals are as below :


inventory : Dt RM100

accPayable : Ct RM100

Reset MA (which is automatically done by system when creating the GRN)

inventory : Dt RM10

landedCost : Ct RM10

2. When making payment to your forwarder, all you need to do is issue a Payment Voucher charge it directly to Freight Charges GL and Landed Cost GL, so it will be as below :

freightCharges : Dt RM40
landedCost : Dt RM10

3. When making payment to your Supplier, you just follow the standard method, which is issue a Payment Voucher directly to the SINV.

Thus, in the end, your journal will be :

inventory : RM100 + RM10 = RM110
accPayable : RM100 - RM100 = RM0
freightCharges : RM40
landedCost : RM10 - RM10 = RM0

The default GLCode for import duty can be set at EMP Configuration. You can find the information here.