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  • There are two ways to add items. Either by items or by categories.
  • Under the 'Maintenance' heading, select either 'Add Item' or 'By Categories'.
  • For companies that are using the Wavelet EMP for the first time, the old item codes can be imported into Wavelet.

By 'Add Item'

Setup - Item

  • Enter the 'Item Code'. The item code is limited up to 50 characters. Then enter a 'Item Name' to describe and name the item.
  • Then select the categories using the drop-down list from level 0 to level 5. Note that not all categories level need to be selected and categories can be created using the 'Add Category' option.
  • If the items is with serial number, then drop-down the 'Serialized' option and change to 'Serial Number Support'.
  • Then the item type can be change. Available items type are 'Inventory', 'Non-Inventory', 'Service', 'Raw Material', 'Semi Finished Goods', 'Finished Goods', 'Parts', 'Package' and 'Consignment'.

Pricing and Costing

  • This is where the pricing details of the items are entered. Not all the pricing field are required to be filled.
  • List Price (Retail Price) is the price that the customers will pay for.
  • Sales/Wholesale/Dealer Price is the cost price that was paid to obtain the goods.
  • Discounted Price 1 to 3 is the three (3) level of default discounted price that is allowed.
  • Minimum Selling Price is the minimum price that the item is allowed to be sold.
  • Replacement Cost is the cost of replacing the item.
  • Rebate Amount and Rebate Dates is the allowed rebate price and it can be categories by absolute amount or by percentage. As rebates do not last forever, thus dates can be entered for availability of the rebates to last.
  • Tax Option and Tax Rate. If the item is taxable then select 'Tax Applicable' and Tax Code from the drop-down or entered the tax rates i.e. 5, 7 or 10. Please note that this is important if the option 'Item Price Include Tax Rate' is 'checked' when configuring the tax setting in System Admin Module. To be able to select Tax Code, users need to Add Tax Configuration in Accounting Module. 

Other Details

  • Default enable the user to select whether if 'Production Required' or 'Delivery Required' for the item.
  • Description allows users to enter any additional descriptions for the items.
  • Optional Remarks users make entered remarks in the remarks field 1 and 2 for additional information.
  • Keywords by entering keywords it will ease the search for this items.
  • Seasonal Promotion this option is applicable if the business nature has such promotion such as Valentine's Day and can select whether the item is entitled for the seasonal promotion. Click here to learn to setup the seasonal promotion.
  • Unit of Measure (UOM) is the form that the item is in e.g pieces (PCS)
  • EAN Code and ISBN Code. EAN stand for European Article Number and it can be converted into ISBN code. EAN can be auto generated by click on the auto generation button. But the ISBN need to be entered manually.
  • Dimensions and Weights refers to the size measurement of the item being recorded. It is measure by 'Weight', 'Width', 'Length' and 'Depth'.
  • Threshold Quantities means that a limit can be set on the quantities of the available items i.e. minimum quantities and maximum quantities. These values are taken into account when generating the Stock Availability Report. Even the quantities that should be re-order and the lead time quantities can be set.

Packing Details

  • This function mainly for items that are in package and occasionally need to be break down into individual units.
  • Example use is canned drinks.
  • Outer - one (1) QTY would normally equals to 192 units (1 crate)
  • Inside - one (1) QTY would normally equals to 24 unit (1 carton)
  • Inner - one (1) QTY would normally equals to 6 unit (6-pack)
  • Innermost - one (1) QTY would normally equals to 1 unit (can)

By Categories

  • Fill in the necessary information in the field by selecting from the drop-down list and the 'Item Code' and 'Item Name' will appear automatically according the information selected in 'Level 1- Level 5'. Note:Not every level needed to be selected and the Item Code and Name will change accordingly.
  • Users can still change the Item Code and Item Name manually if needed/wanted.
  • Enter the retail, wholesale and the discounted prices.
  • Select 'Serial Number Supported' if applicable, otherwise leave it at default ' No Serial Number'.
  • Users can add a description to the item if needed.
  • Click 'Create Now' to create the item into the system.