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Internal Stock Transfer (Footwear) [MIGRATED]

  • Footwear > Transactions > Internal Stock Transfer
  • Select a Branch where the stock is transfer from and select a Branch where the stock is transfer to. The 2 branches must be of the same PC Center and different Inventory Location.
  • Transporter is the person who is responsible of sending the stock.
  • RefNo can be the GRN or Invoice number.

  • Click on 'Add Item'.
  • Enter the Article Code, click 'Submit'. All the sizes and balance quantity will be shown.
  • Enter the Quantity that need to be transferred for the respective sizes and click on 'Submit'.
  • Click 'Add Now'. The added item will appear on the Create Stock Transfer list.

  • After selecting the items that need to be transferred, click 'Confirm and Save'. The Internal Stock Transfer will be created.
  • To clear the form, click on 'Reset Form'.
  • To view all the created stock transfer, click on 'Stock Transfer Listing'.
  • Select the 2 branches where the stock transfer take place.
  • Enter the date. The date can be the Date Sent, Date Draft or Date Received.
  • There are 5 stock transfer process states to choose on: All, Sent Out, Draft, Received and Cancelled.
  • Click on 'Generate Report Now'.
  • From the report, users are able to View, Receive or Cancel the stock transfer. If the stock had been received, only the 'View' option will be available.

  • When user receive stock from an Internal Stock Transfer. User can either click on 'Receive' on the Stock Transfer Listing Report or click 'Receive Stock' on the Create Stock Transfer page.
  • Enter the Stock Transfer PKID and click 'Submit'.
  • The list of items that are transfered will be shown. User should ensure that the stock received match the description and quantity listed.
  • Enter the Receive Date and click on 'YES, I CONFIRM I HAVE RECEIVE THE STOCK ABOVE'. Make sure that the stock checking has been done before doing the confirmation.