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Processing Listing [MIGRATED]

  • Distribution > Order Fulfilment > Processing Listing
  • Processing Listing is used to monitor the production of an order. Only order that needs production will appear on this list.
  • You can enter an Account ID or search the customer by clicking on the 'Search' function.
  • Enter a name for OrderBy, the person who order the item.
  • Enter the name of Recipient and Sender, maybe the name that wanted to be listed on a card.
  • Choose an OrderTaker from the drop down list. OrderTaker is the person who receive the order.
  • Choose a florist that handle the order, this field is only applicable for some of the users.
  • Choose the Payment  Mode, which is how the customer pay. For example cash, cheque, credit card etc. To configure the drop down list for the Payment Mode, go to Accounting > Maintenance > Configuration > Credit Card Maintenance > Card Payment Configuration.
  • Choose the Payment Remarks from the drop down list, the options are up to user's choice. Click here to look on how to configure the drop down list.
  • Choose either the Order Date or Delivery Date and enter the range of the date that you wanted to look on.
  • Enter the Order Number, the Order Number can be the sales order number.
  • Select a Branch from the drop down list, User can choose 'All' to select all the Branches.
  • Click on 'Get List'.

  • A list of order and its details that need production will appear. The total number of orders on the list will be shown too.
  • User can choose a florist from the drop down list and click on 'Save Florist'.
  • There are 2 links under the Action field: