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Edit Trip [MIGRATED]

  • Distribution > Delivery Management > Edit Trip
  • This function enables User to change details of a created trip.
  • Enter the Trip No and click on 'getTrip'.
  • The details of the trip will appear at the bottom.
  • The details are similar to the details in the Create Trip page. Edit the details that you want to change.

  • The orders details on the trip will be listed below.
  • The delivery status of the order can be changed by editing the status column for each order. Each order can have a different status. To set a same status for all the order on the trip, change the status of the 'Set All Order Delivery Status' at the top right corner of the Trip Details list and click 'Submit'.

  • Click on 'Update and Save' to save the changes.
  • To remove an order from the trip, user can either click on 'Remove' next to the Time or click on the 'Remove Order' under the SalesOrder number.