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Delivery Item Tracking [MIGRATED]

  • Distribution > Delivery Management > Delivery Item Tracking
  • This function is used to monitor the current status of items that need to be delivered. It can only monitor on order that need delivery in the florist module.
  • This function is useful when user wants to arrange a trip to deliver items. Click here to learn how to create a trip.
  • Enter the Delivery Date that you want to check on.
  • Select the Delivery Status from the drop down list, then click on 'Search'. There are 5 status on the drop down list:
    • NONE - the item that has not been given a status
    • Scheduled - the item has been arranged to be delivered
    • Transit - in the process of delivering, the item has been collected by the driver but customer has not receive it
    • Confirmed Delivered - the item has been successfully delivered
    • Delivery Problem - the delivery is unsuccessful due to some problems, for example the recipient address is not correct
  • A list of order that match the search criteria will appear at the bottom.