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Guide to Create and Manage Billing Note

  • A Guide to Create and Manage Billing Notes

Billing note function is available under Customer->Billing Note and there are 3 main functions which are 1-create billing note, 2-edit billing note and 3-billing note listing. There are 2 ways to create Billing Note one is to create and add outstanding documents to it at the moment of creation and the other is to create a Billing note with a total amount and later link documents to it.

  • Create Billing Note and Link Documents At the moment of Creation

  1. Go to Customer->Billing Note-> Create

  1. In the Create Page the first two field are branch and sales man. You can only change branch to other branch if you have the permission to create Billing Note for other branches. And sales man is automatically set to the user who has logged in.

  1. After setting Branch and sales man you need to select a customer. You should choose a customer who has outstanding documents Then click on the hyper link (show Customer Name).

  1. Then you select the date you wanted to be displayed on the Billing Note and add any remarks and press the Save details button to save the entered date and remark.

  1. Don’t Click on the total amount checkbox as this is only for creating a billing note with no documents attached to it so by clicking on this you will be disabled to generate outstanding documents list.


  1. Click on the generate outstanding documents button and a list of out standing documents linked to the customer you have selected will appear.


  1. Select Any documents you want to add and press the Create Billing Note Button and you are Done.

  • Notes: Note that when you are creating a Billing Note with Documents linked to it the total amount of the Billing note will be automatically specified as the sum of all documents attached to it.

  • Create Billing Note without Linking documents to it

  1. Follow the first 4 steps above.

  2. Click on the total amount check box. You will see that the text box will get enabled for you to enter amount, Also the generate outstanding documents button will also become disabled. And a new button will appear reading save billing note with no items.


  1. Enter The amount and press the button.

  • Note: When you are creating this type of Billing Note you should be careful when you are entering the total amount. Because later when you want to add documents to this billing note those documents should EXACTLY sum up to this value else you would not be able to attack any documents to this billing note.