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Edit Jobsheet (Workshop)

  • Workshop > Jobsheet > Edit
  • This function is used to edit a created Jobsheet or to issue an Invoice or settle the payment of a Jobsheet.
  • Enter the Jobsheet number and click 'Edit'. A similar screen as the create Jobsheet will appear. There are options such as 'Reprint Jobsheet', Reprint Jobsheet As DO' and 'Reprint Jobsheeet Without Header'. Enter the Jobsheet number into either field depending on the users needs and click on the corresponding button. A new window will appear, ready to be printed.

  • After finish the editing, click on 'Submit' if not the changes will not be saved.

  • Refer to Creation of Jobsheet for more details.

  • Below the Jobsheet information, is the 'Jobsheet Billing' screen. This is where the user either create an invoice or cashsale on the selected jobsheet.

  • The item amount and tax amount will be listed clearly. After the payment of a Jobsheet that has a tax amount is settled, the sales transaction will be recorded in the GST Report.
  • This interface is similar to the Trading module's Cashsales.

  • To settle the payment, users would need to enter the information such as the amount paid in cash, credit card, cheque, contra or vouchers and the details of it. Click here to read on the credit card payment configuration.

  • After all the values have been entered, click on 'Calculate Change' to update the Amount Summary on the right side of the screen. If all the information is correct, click on 'Create Bill' to finalize the sales.

  • For an invoice, just click on 'Create Bill' without entering the payment information. A pop-up message will ask whether the user want to print the created invoice.

  • Note that Jobsheet that has been converted to invoice cannot be edited anymore.