What is Non-Stock?[MIGRATED]

Automotive repair workshops face enormous challenges when it comes to managing inventory. This is because cars have thousands of parts, and there are tens of brands with hundreds of model for each brand. With such sheer varieties of parts for vehicles, it is not viable to stock in all parts.  As parts cannot be predefined, item codes cannot be created in advance, it has to be created on the fly as the cashiers at the point of sales issue bills to customers. This posses several challenges to the management:

1) Cannot keep track of stocks, resulting in pilferage and missing stocks

2) Cannot calculate gross profit accurately because the cost of goods are not recorded at the point of sales, and tie it to the Goods Received Note.

Wavelet solves this problem for automotive industry by creating a special user interface under WORKSHOP -> PURCHASE NON-STOCK. This function is similar to direct receiving stock, apart from the fact that it allows the users to specify the Job Sheet Number, so that as the Goods Received Notes are created, these items are automatically populated into the Job Sheet, to minimize duplication of work for the cashiers as well as to eliminate unnecessary data entry mistakes as the item being recorded in Job Sheet have to match the items being keyed into the Goods Received Note.


Broadly speaking, in Wavelet, every item in the Invoice are taken from Inventory Items, regardless of the type of inventory.

In general, invoice details or items can be categorized into a few category, which are Inventory, Non Inventory and Packages. We define the terms as below:


Inventory is defined as any item that requires keeping track of the stock balance, and the quantity can be ascertain easily.

Stock refers to standard products or items that can be created before hand.

Non-Stock refers to inventory items that can has stock balance, but most often these items are created on the fly. Normally orders are given to the supplier only when there's demand for it.


Non-Inventory refers to things that does not have stock balance, for example, services and labour.


Package can be any combinations of Stock Items and Services.