Trip Listing (Florist)[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO:http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/26/trip-listing-florist/

  • Florist > Delivery & Trips > Trip Listing
  • This function list down all the details of trips that have been created.
  • Enter the Collection Date and Trip Status.
    • Collection Date, the date which the items that need to be delivered are collected
    • Select a Trip Status from the drop down list:
      • All
      • Created - trip that has been scheduled
      • Partial Delivery - trip that has not complete delivered the items
      • Completed - trip that has successfully delivered all the items
      • Closed - uncompleted trip that has been closed manually
  • You can specified a name for the Staff to narrow down your list or you can select 'All' to see the entire list.
    • Trip Coordinator - the person who coordinate between the driver and the organizer
    • Trip Organizer - the person who make the trip arrangement
    • Trip Helper - the person who help the organizer to pack the items
    • Delivery Man - the driver of the trip
  • Specify a Vehicle Number, if not, feel free to leave it blank.
  • Click 'Submit'.