Transaction Aging Analysis [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/transaction-aging-analysis/

Transaction Aging Analysis shows how much is owed to suppliers for different periods of time depending on the credit terms and limits.
  • Suppliers > Creditors > Transaction Aging Analysis
  • Select a Branch / Branches by ticking the check box. Click 'Select All' to tick all the boxes or 'Clear All' to untick all the boxes.
  • Select a Supplier by clicking 'Search'.
  • Enter an option of:
    • All Suppliers
    • Show accounts that busted credit limit or terms - Transactions that exceeded the credit limit or period.
  • Enter a Date range and tick 'Outstanding Document Only'.
  • Sort by:
    • Name - Name of suppliers in alphabetical order
    • Account Code - In numerical order
  • Click 'Generate Report Now!'

  • The Aging Summary at the top grey area shows all amounts outstanding still owing to the suppliers which shows the current month until previous months (starting most recent). Users may set the aging summary according to months or days. Please refer Supplier Module Configurations. As can be seen in Eg., the aging summary is set to month. In January 2009, RM 50,220 is owing to suppliers.
  • Eg. For supplier A-net Tech, user company has owes RM 10,000 from and invoice (SINV1175) dated 04.01.2009. The transaction is in blue because it has not exceeded the credit terms - 38 over 60 days credit period. However, the outstanding amount RM 10,000 (on far right) can be seen blinking because the amount is greater than the credit limit of RM 1,000.
  • Eg. For Advance Tech, the transaction is shown in red because it has exceeded the credit terms - 38 over 29 days credit period. The invoice number (SINV1174) to view the invoice.
  • For suppliers with multiple transactions, the subtotal below every supplier can be seen for the total amount owed.
  • Note: Document Total = Paid + Outstanding