Transaction Aging Analysis[MIGRATED]

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Description / Usage / Benefits

This report is similar to Monitor Outstanding Invoice Report, where all outstanding documents are displayed. Instead of showing the exact number of days where a document is outstanding, this report display them into various columns, based on the configurations in the accounting module for various aging periods. Please see Aging Period Setup.

Also, included Credit Terms and Credit Limit. RED fonts shows that the Invoices have exceeded the Credit Terms without being paid yet.

Users can also choose to settle the outstanding invoices here. Just click eg. Settle 1001 to settle the invoices using Settle Documents.

Step By Step Guide

1. Check the selected Branches.
2. Customer Account (Optional) - Click 'Select' to choose a customer name. Once done, 'Filter by Account' will immediately be ticked as well.
3. From the drop-down list, select 'Show Accounts That Busted Credit Limit / Terms', if you want to see only the exceeds.
4. Date range -
From and To.
5. Tick 'Outstanding Documents Only' to exclude Receipts already paid for Invoices.
6. Sort By.
7. Click 'Generate Report Now'.

To Download the Example, click on the link below:
Transaction Aging Analysis
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