Trace Stock[MIGRATED]

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Tracing a stock to see the details and movement is possible by using this function. It shows the details and movement (stock transfer from Branch A to Branch B) of each and every existing stock.
  • Inventory > Serial Number > Trace Stock
  • Enter a Serial Number in 'Exact Search'. Then, click 'Search'. To obtain the Serial Numbers, please Serial Number Balance.
  • Alternatively, you can all do a 'Fuzzy Search'. Click 'Search'.
  • The table will then show:
    • Serial Number
    • Location
    • Item Code
    • Date of transfer
    • Related documents
      • GRN shows the location is a recipient of the stock (transferee). Note that the Quantity shown in +1 means an addition of 1stock.
      • INV shows the location is the sender of that particular stock (transferor). See that the Quantity shows -1 which means a deduction of stock.
    • Remarks
    • Person in charge
    • Quantity - Please refer above (Related Documents)
    • Price and currency