Supplier Product Inquiry[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TOhttp://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/04/27/supplier-product-inquiry/

  • Product Inquiry > Processing and Listing > Processing
  • After logging in the Supplier Portal, supplier will be able to look on the Product Inquiry.
  • Suppliers are able to view on the product inquiry only after the Procurement Department routed the customer inquiries to the suppliers.
  • The Respond Status is optional. If a product inquiry has not been responded by a supplier, it will not has a respond status. The status available are:
    • Need Info - the information given to supplier is not sufficient, users need to gather more information from customer
    • No Stock
    • Quoted
  • Enter a date range.
  • Sort By refers to how the user wants the list to be ordered. The options available are:
    • Respond Before Date
    • Product Name
    • Unit Price
    • Quantity Required
    • Last Edited by Supplier
  • Click 'Submit' to get the list of inquiries.
  • The Internal Status refers to the users processing status. This status is entered by user.
  • The Respond Status refers to the suppliers processing status. This status is entered by supplier.
  • To respond or edit an inquiry, click 'Edit' under the Action field. After the product is quoted, supplier can still edit it anytime.

  • After clicking on 'Edit', a new screen that contains the product information will appear.
  • Supplier need to fill in the Respond Status, Supplier product reference and Price/Quantity correspondingly.
    • ETA refers to the estimated time of arrival of the product
  • Click 'Submit' to save the quotation.