Supplier Invoice Create [MIGRATED]

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The Supplier Invoice Create can be used to:
1. Create supplier invoice.
2. Bring forward any outstanding balances from suppliers' accounts from the previous accounting system upon adopting EMP for the first time.

There are 2 types of Suppliers :
  • Trade Supplier : supplier to whom payments are made for purchase of stock
  • Non-trade Supplier : supplier to whom payments are made for other than purchase of stock

Supplier Invoice for Trade Supplier

Supplier Invoice for Non-Trade Supplier
  • On the other hand, this feature is created to allow user to create Supplier Invoice for Non-Trader Supplier.

 No Field  Description 
 1 Branch Supplier Invoice Branch. By default is user's Default Branch.
 2 Supplier User can either input the Supplier PKID directly or click on Supplier to choose from the list of suppliers. Please note that only Supplier which has preset Supplier GL Code can be loaded into this form. You can configure the Supplier GL Code from Supplier -> Edit Supplier
 3 Currency The Supplier Invoice created can be in any other currencies.
 4 Other Details : Ref No User can specify a reference number for this Supplier Invoice, for example, bill number
 5 Other Details : Remarks User can put in a brief description about the Supplier Invoice.
 6 Other Details : SINV Date This is the Supplier Invoice Date
 7 Other Details : Due Date
 This is the date the Supplier Invoice is due for payment
 8 Add GL Code : GL Code This is the GL Code to be Debited to when this Supplier Invoice is created. User can add as many GL Codes as they like
 9 Add GL Code :  Ref No This is the Reference Number for the GL Code. If not use, just leave it blank
 10 Add GL Code :  Remarks This is the Remarks for the GL Code. If not use, just leave it blank
 11 Add GL Code :  Debit This is the amount to be Debited to the GL Code. Please note that the amount specified has to be bigger than RM0.

Please note that this feature is guarded by permission. The permission can be configured in System Admin -> Role Permissions -> Supplier -> Supplier Invoice Create.

Non-Trade Supplier Invoice once created, will be reflected in the following Supplier Reports, just like the Trade Supplier Invoice :
  • Monitor Account Payable
  • Historical AP Balance
  • Monitor Outstanding Invoce
  • AP Txn
  • Billing Statement
  • Transaction Aging Analysis
Below is the sample Journal Transaction for a Non-Trade Supplier Invoice :

 GL Debit
 miscExpenses  100 

To make Payment for Non-Trade Supplier Invoice, is no difference from making payment for Trade Supplier Invoice, you can either pay using Payment Voucher or Contra with Credit Memo.