Supplier Invoice Cancel [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/cancel-supplier-invoice/

This feature allows user to Cancel Supplier Invoice, however, the Supplier Invoice to be canceled will have to comply to the following rules :
  • created from Supplier -> Supplier Invoice Create, in other words only Non-trade Supplier Invoice can be canceled
  • has not been paid either partially or in full. If you want to cancel a Supplier Invoice, which has been paid, you will have to Reverse the payment first before canceling the Supplier Invoice

To cancel a particular Supplier Invoice, just follow the steps below :
  • Key in the Supplier Invoice Pkid that you wish to cancel, press Enter key
  • Verify the Supplier Invoice to ensure that is the Supplier Invoice you wish to cancel
  • Key in the Cancellation Remarks (next to the Cancel The SINV Now! button) if you wish
  • Press Cancel The SINV Now ! button to perform the cancellation

Please note that this feature is guarded by permission. The permission can be configured in System Admin -> Role Permissions -> Supplier -> Supplier Invoice Cancel.

When a Supplier Invoice is canceled :
  • The Supplier Invoice print out will have indication that the Supplier Invoice has been canceled together with the cancellation remarks.
  • A Journal Transaction will be created to reflect the cancellation, sample Journal Transaction is as below :
    •  GL Debit

  • The cancellation is reflected in the following Supplier Reports :
    • Monitor Account Payable
    • Historical AP Balance
    • Monitor Outstanding Invoce
    • AP Txn
    • Billing Statement
    • Transaction Aging Analysis