Stock Sales Report[MIGRATED]

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Description / Usage / Benefits

This report displays the In and Out of inventory quantities due to Sales or Sales Return. the balance quantity can be obtained here as at specific dates. The other information provided are :
  • Unit price = How much it is invoiced (sales price) or for Sales Return (how much is refunded or CM to customers).
  • Unit Cost (Average) = Cost / Quantity
  • Amount = Quantity x Unit price
  • Cost = Quantity x Unit Cost (Average)
  • Gross Margin = Amount - Cost
  • Margin (%) = Gross Margin / Amount x 100%

Step By Step Guide

1. 'Select  All' branches or 1 Branch(es).
2. Enter date range.
3. Tick the checkbox and select a salesman name (only if you want the report based on his stock sales).
4. If you have the item code, enter a specific one or a range or leave it blank to view all the items codes.
5. Select Item Category and tick the checkbox.
6. Sort by : Time or Item Code - means in the report, how the items comes in sequence.

To Download the Example, click on the link below:
Stock Sales Report

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