Stock Requisition Details Listing [MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/details-listing/

This function is similar to Stock Requisition Listing except that it shows more details such as, Item Code and Name, Quantity Requested and Quantity Fulfilled.

  • Trading > Stock Requisition > Details Listing
  • Enter the Branches 'From' (sender) and 'To' (recipient). Only under the same PC Center.
  • Type in a date range.
  • Select a State of All, Created or Closed.
  • Do a Fuzzy Search or more specifically, enter Item Codes From and To.
  • Under Item Category, check a box(es) and select items from the drop-down list (Levels 1-5).
  • Select a 'Status'.
  • Click 'Generate Report Now!'

  • A list will appear:
    • Item Code
    • Item Name
    • Quantity Requested - Stock requisite by Branch. Eg. ERIC-BR-B
    • Quantity Fulfilled - Quantity received by recipient.
    • Click SQ# to view the Stock Requisition.