Stock Discrepancy Checking[MIGRATED]

This feature is extremely useful to help you check for the difference in stock value in Inventory Module against the Accounting Module, especially when you are preparing your account for auditing.

Basically, it allows you to compare values taken from :
  1. Inventory Module -> Stock Report -> Historical Stock Report (you might want to take a look at How to retrieve Closing Stock Balance on a particular date?)
  2. Accounting Module -> Balance Sheet -> inventory
However, please note that should there be any discrepancies, you should not assume that the figure in a particular module (Inventory or Accounting) is correct and figure in the other module is wrong.
Instead, you should zoom in to the transaction that is reporting the discrepancy and check the transactions in Inventory against Accounting and vice-versa to detect any inconsistency.

The discrepancy is usually caused by the below (but not limited to just the below) :
  1. Missing transactions : transactions recorded in Inventory but not in Accounting, or vice-versa
  2. Manual transactions that are charged to Inventory GL : CM / Jtxn created manually by user but charge to Inventory GL, this will cause the figure to appear in Accounting but not in Inventory Module

To generate the report :
  1. Make sure you have permission to generate this report. As usual, the permission can be configured in System Admin -> Role Permission -> Accounting -> Stock Discrepancy Checking.
  2. Now, go to Accounting -> Other Functions -> Stock Discrepancy Checking
  3. Select PC Center
  4. Specify Date Range
  5. Click "Generate Report"
Sample report is as below :
  • You see that some of the values under Inventory Module is clickable. Once clicked, it will show you the break down of the amount for each location in the PC Center.

  • Inventory
    • Values for this column is taken from Inventory -> Stock Report -> Historical Stock Balance Report
  • Accounting
    • Values for this column is taken from Accounting -> Balance Sheet -> inventory
  • Opening Stock
    • Stock value as of the end of the day before Date From. Please note that unlike Historical Stock Balance Report, this Opening amount for both Inventory and Accounting module has already taken Reset MA into account. Thus, to get back the Opening for Inventory Module, please add up the total cost(txn) from Historical Stock Balance Report and total difference in Reset Ma (Inventory -> Stock Report -> Stock Adjustment by Reset MA)
  • Goods Received
    • Total goods received. Calculated by multiplying the received quantity and corresponding received price
  • Purchase Return
    • Total goods returned to supplier. Calculated by multiplying the returned quantity and corresponding returned price
  • Net Purchase
    • Total goods received - total goods returned to supplier
  • Invoice
    • Total goods sold. Calculated by multiplying the sold quantity and corresponding cost price
  • Sales Return
    • Total goods returned from customer. Calculated by multiplying the returned quantity and corresponding cost price
  • Net Sales
    • Total goods sold - total goods returned from customers
  • Trade In
    • Total goods trade in by customer. Calculated by multiplying the trade in quantity and corresponding trade in price
  • Stock Adjustment
    • Totals goods adjusted by user, either to increase or decrease the stock quantity. Calculated by multiplying the adjusted quantity and corresponding cost price
  • Other
    • All other transactions that are neither GRN, PR, INV, SR, TI, Adjustment nor Reset MA, but are affecting inventory GL. For example, CMs created manually by user but charged to inventory GL or Journal Transactions created manually but charged to inventory GL.
  • Reset MA
    • Total difference in stock value due to resetting of Moving Average Price
  • Net Stock Increment
    • Goods Received - Purchase Return - Invoice + Sales Return + Trade In + Stock Adjustment + Reset MA
  • Closing Stock
    • Opening Stock + Net Stock Increment