Stock Control(MIGRATED)

Stock Control sets the minimum and maximum amount of quantity that should be in stock. This affects the Stock Availability in a way that stock control limits the upper and lower limit, so that user company would not face stockouts or overstocks (which could lead to obsolescence). Through this function, users can also set Re-order Level, which helps alert the storekeeper when and how much to stock-up.
  • Inventory > Maintenance > Stock Control
  • Select a / few / all Branches.
  • Select a / few categories of Level 1 to 5.
  • To set only one item, enter Item Code or Name Search.
  • Then, click 'Submit'.

  • Eg. Two locations were selected. Two separate columns will appear for each Location. Last column for combined locations.
  • Edit the numbers for the respective item codes and locations. Then click 'Save' at the bottom.
  • Besides the quantity, user can also specify the Sub-Location of the item.
  • To enter a maximum and minimum limit common to all the locations, use the column on the far right, under 'Action'. Then, click 'Save' at the top.