Stock Balance Checking(MIGRATED)

Stock Balance Checking helps users check for inconsistencies that may arise due to differences between Stock Movement and Stock Balance. If there are any differences between these two balances, the Item Code and quantities will appear in this list. Examples of errors like these will happen is when:
  1. Stock transfer among two PC Center fails. This will show an understated amount in the recipient's stock balance as compared to stock movement, as they have not received the goods.
  2. Error in creation of invoice. When an invoice is created, stock should be deducted from stock movement balance and stock balance in warehouse. However, the stock may have been deducted from stock movement but not from stock balance.
  • Inventory > Other Functionalities > Stock Balance Checking
  • A list of item with different stock balances will be displayed:
    • Stock Balance (Stock Movement) - Stock balance in movement (Eg. 0 means all stock has been moved out)
    • Stock Balance (Advanced Search) - Stock balance in warehouse (Eg. In reference to eg. above, there is still 10 stock balance in warehouse but supposedly, all stock has been moved out. Hence, both quantities does not match, creating an error).
  • Click 'Select All' to tick all the boxes and click 'Clear All' to un-tick all the boxes.
  • Tick the boxes and click 'Correct Stock Balance Now!'