Statement of Account[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/customer-task-statement-of-account/
  • Customer > Tasks > Statement of Account
  • Click Select to search a Customer name.
  • Select an 'Issuing Branch' which shows, which branch is issuing the Statement of Account.
  • Next, pick the Year and Month for the Statement to display.
  • Then, click 'Generate Statement'.
  • The Statement of Accounts will appear:
    • Click Printable Page to display the Statement for printing.
    • Click the invoice number to view the invoice.
  • The difference between Statement of Accounts and the Billing Statement is:
    • This Statement of Account can be used for internal use.
    • Statement of Account states the credit terms and limit and also shows the Aging Summary of how much the customer owes you in specified period of time.
    • Detailed information of every transaction even from previous months will be shown in contrary to billing statement, where the only transactions for the month is stated in the statement.
    • Eg. the customer has not exceeded the credit terms and limit. Currently, the customer owes RM 222 within 30 days of the credit period whereas, the credit limit is       RM 100,000 and credit period is 30 days. The grey area - users can change the days to months and set the period range at Customer Module Configurations.
    • The Statement of Account helps you in identifying fast or slow-paying customers. For slow-paying customers, you can reduce their credit terms. This improves your credit control system and reduces credit risk because you will be able the alert customers for prompt payments. At the same time, bad debts can also decrease.