Stock Availability[MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/stock-availability/

Stock availability enables the user to check whether the selected stock still exists in the warehouse.
  • Select location(s) from the list. Click 'Select All' or 'Unselect All' to Reset.
  • To search for an inventory, type in the 'Fuzzy Search'.
  • Enter the Item Codes. Click on 'From' and 'To' to search the item codes.
  • Check the box and select an item of Level 1-5.
  • Select a 'Status'.
  • Check the box to:
    • Show Jobsheet Balance - Normally used by assembly operations where different parts are put together to create something whole. (Eg. auto workshop, computers) Please refer Create Jobsheet.
    • Show Sales Order Balance - The amount to be sold to customers, already ordered by customers.
    • Show Purchase Order Balance - The amount already ordered from the suppliers using Purchase Order.
  • Click 'Generate Report Now'.

  • The report will appear as below:
  • Click 'Item Code' or 'Item Name' to sort the list by code or name respectively.
  • The quantities have codes defining different coloured fonts:
    • Red - The stock available is above the maximum quantity level. Too much stock has been ordered and stored.
    • Green - The stock available is below the minimum quantity level. It would be safer to make more orders as buffer stock.
    • Yellow Highlight - List price is below the cost the of the stock purchased by user company. If the list price is not increased, the company will suffer a loss.
  • Stock balance / Jobsheet balance / Sales order balance / Purchase Order balance are shown in order below the Item Name.

  • To see the Sub-Location on this page, move the cursor on the total quantity. There will be a box appear with the Sub-Location listed on it.