Service Note Listing (RMA Department)[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TOhttp://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/22/service-note-listing-rma-department/

SRV listing (RMA Department) and SRV Listing (RMA Branch) is different in terms of the details. SRV Listing (Dept) requires more filter and has has more details shown in the report for individual SRVs.
  • Trading > RMA > RMA (Department) > Service Note Listing (RMA Department)
Select Listing
  • Enter Date Range and actions associated with that date.
  • Select a:
    • Branch
    • Filters:
      • Types - Internal / External
      • Resolution - What actions need to be done with the received goods.
      • Status - Process of what / where the SRV will be passing through.
      • Faulty Goods Pick-up Type - How the goods will be picked up from customers.
    • Technician name
    • Salesperson name
    • Supplier Account no. - Click 'Select' to search for supplier name.
  • Click 'Get Listing'.

Search SRV
  • Enter a keyword, date rangeand Branch.
  • Click 'Search'.