Service History[MIGRATED]

  • Workshop > Jobsheet > Service History
  • This function is used to view on the service history of a vehicle. User can keep track of the operations or maintenance that have been done.
  • Enter the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' to select the time frame.
  • Click 'Submit' to get the service history list.

  • Click on 'Customer Code/Vehicle No.' and a new window will appear.
  • In the search field, users can search for customers or vehicles. Users can also create a new account or save a new vehicle into an account. Note: Please refer to 'Creation of Jobsheet' to create a new account or vehicle.
  • Click on the account name or vehicle registration number to select it.
  • If an account has more than one vehicle, by clicking on the account name, service history for all the vehicles in the account will be shown. To look on the service history of a specific vehicle, click on the vehicle registration number to select it.

  • All transactions related to the customer and matched the time frame entered will appear at the bottom. Users can view the Invoice issued by clicking on the 'InvXXXX' hyperlink and a new screen showing the Invoice will appear.
  • User should note that the listing will be based on the item code. If an invoice has 2 different item, in the service history listing, it will appear as 2 lines with its respective item code. The purpose of this listing is to enable the user to locate the item quickly.

  • If the user enter the customer code instead of the vehicle number, then all the vehicle under the same customer code will be listed. Refer to the figure below.