Pricing Matrix (Seasonal Promotion)[MIGRATED]


The Pricing Matrix feature provides the ability to create sales promotions based on many factors, including:

  1. Customer Account
    Apply this discount to a specific customer only.
  2. Supplier
    Apply this discount to a supplier type.
  3. Item Codes
    Apply this discount to a specific item code, or pattern of item codes e.g. RAM-KINGSTON-* to match all Kingston RAM modules.
  4. Item Categories
    Apply this discount if the item is in a specific category, or a few categories.
  5. Item Quantity
    Apply this discount if the customer purchases a certain number of units.
  6. Date Range
    Apply this discount only between two dates.
  7. Branch
    Apply this discount only at certain branches.

The discount amount can then be calculated based on:

  • Percentage (based on list price)
  • Absolute Amount (reduce by $N)
  • Discounted Price (sell at exactly $N)

Creating a New Promotion

To create a new promotion click on Inventory > Maintenance > Pricing Matrix.

Next, click Create.

A window will pop up where you can fill in the details of the promotion.
1) Customer Account -- Click Select to search for a customer account.
2-3) Fill in the short code and name for this promotion, preferably something descriptive.
4) Select the categories this promotion applies to. Note: This is optional if you are applying the promotion to an exact item code.

5) Select a unit quantity for the promotion. This means that if the customer buys between the From and To quantities, they will receive the discount.
6) Choose how much to discount the item by. Choose ONE of:
- Percentage to reduce price by a certain percentage
- Amount to reduce price by a certain dollar value
- Discounted Price to sell at a specific price
7) When will the promotion start and end?
8) Which branch will the promotion apply to?
9) Occasion: Select Auto-Apply to have it automatically apply when the cashier is making the sale.