Sales Report By Daily, Weekly, Monthly[MIGRATED]

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Description / Usage / Benefits

One Advantage of this report is that, it allows users to do comparison between 2 or more months. You can check the Sales for each Item Code and compare with other days / months. According to this report, you can also see which item sells better, and take in more stock on that item code. Whichever sells poorly as compared to previous months, you can either keep less stock (stock order level) or instruct the salesman to push for that item code.

Step By Step Guide

1. Set Branch or All Branches.
2. Fuzzy Search (Optional)
3. Item Code (O)
4. Item Category (Level 1-5) (O)
5. Status (Default - Active).
6. Salesman.
7. Customer Name (O)
8. By - Select how you want to view the report - Day / Month.
9. Date.

To Download the Example, click on the link below:
Sales Report by Daily, Weekly, Monthly

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