Reset MA by GRN allows users to adjust the average cost of the stock. For further information on moving average, please refer Average Stock Calculations.
  • Inventory > Maintenance > Reset MA by GRN.
  • Enter the GRN PKID and click 'Retrieve GRN'. To find the correct GRN PKID, please see GRN Listing.
  • The details and supplier will appear as below.
  • Enter:
    • GL Code - To where the items goes to.
    • Total Shipping charge - How much is the delivery cost.
    • Reason - (If any)
  • Click 'Calculate MA Price'.
  • The new average cost will appear in the list below. You may leave the new calculated amount or you can change and input another amount in the box.
  • Then click 'Submit'.
  • Finally, click 'Reset MA Price Now'.

  • After that, you can reset the price again. As can be seen below, the average cost will show the previous amount (as above). Also, the stock amount has changed due to the change in the average cost but stock quantity remains the same (Average Cost x Stock Quantity = Stock Amount).