Regular Cheque Listing[MIGRATED]

Cheque Listing is useful when the user wants to keep track of what happened to the cheques received.
  • Finance > Cheque Management > Regular Cheque Listing
  • Select PC Center, Date Range and Status:
    • (Blank) - All status
    • Bank-In - Cheques already banked-in.
    • Bounced - The amount in the bank is insufficient to clear the cheque or the details on the cheque is not valid.
  • Click 'Submit'.
  • After details of the list of cheques appear, change status to 'Bank In' or 'Bounced'.
  • Click Receipt no. to view the receipt.
  • The dates 'Cheque Created' and 'Cheque Date' are the same. This means that the cheques can be Banked-In on the same day after the cheque being issued, in contrary to Post-Dated cheques, which can only be banked-in after the date stated on the cheque. For related searches, please refer PD Cheque Listing or Monitor Outstanding PDC Documents.