Refund customer's deposit in cash[MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/07/01/refund-customers-deposit-in-cash/
  • Create a credit memo:
  • Customer > Credit memo > Create
  • Select a branch, customer name and any other details. Click 'Set Details'.

  •  What is done before refund deposit:

  Debit Credit
Accounts receivables RM 100  
Contra account   RM 100
  • What should be done to refund deposit:

Contra account
RM 100
Accounts receivables
RM 100
  • Enter the journal entries as below and click 'Add Item.'
  • To check if it is correctly recorded, go to credit memo listing.
  • If a payment voucher of RM 100 is issued to record the refund, go to Create Payment Voucher.
  • Cashbook > Query Cashbook Transactions
  • The cashbook must be deducted by RM 100 where the transaction will be shown as follows:
  • Select the appropriate PC Center, cashbook and date range.