Qlabel Barcode Printing Instructions(MIGRATED)


Installing Qlabel

1. Download Qlabel software from http://www.godexintl.com/product_content.aspx?id=9&cid=4

2. Save the file into a directory.
3. Once the download has finished. Double click on the "QLabel4_119.exe" file.
4. Follow the screen instructions.

Exporting Data from EMP

1. Create a directory by the name of c:\EMPData\
2. Go to Inventory -> Item -> Item Listing
3. Click on Generate Report button.
4. After the report finish generating. Click on Export Data.

5. Save the file ExportItemList<YYYY-MM-DD>.csv into c:\EMPData\
6. Run Open Office Spreadsheet application (Calc)
7. Open the file as in 4. At the Separated by  - uncheck Comma, check the Tab checkbox, remove " at Text Delimiter box.

8. Remove all the unwanted data columns leaving only itemcode, itemname, level6, remarks1, eancode.
9. Shift + Left Click on columns A, B, C, D, E.
10. Go to Menu -> Format Cells -> set Category = "Text". Click Ok

11. Menu -> Save As ExportItemList.csv in the directory in 4. With the Edit Filter settings checked.
12. Click on Keep Current Format. If file already exists.

13. At the Export of Text files set Field Delimiter as , (comma) and Text Delimiter as "" and check on Save Content as Shown. Click on OK.

Note: Step 2 - 13 needs to be repeated whenever you need the ExportItemList.csv with the most updated list from EMP.

Using QLabel

1. Start Qlabel from Start -> All Programs -> QLabel
2. Open the <filename>.ezp file emailed to you by Wavelet.
3. Click on the Database Viewer icon.
4. Select on the record that you are interested to Print.
5. Notice that the Data changes to the selected record.

6. To print a label. Click on File -> Print