Purchase Return By GRN [MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/purchase-return-by-grn-2/
  • Trading > Transaction > Purchase Return By GRN
  • Purchase return is used to record all stocks or inventory returned to the suppliers.
  • Note that in the Procurement Module, there is a Purchase Return option under the Transactions heading. By clicking on it, it will bring the user to the Trading Module.
  • To perform a purchase return, user need to enter a GRN number/PKID and click on 'Submit Query'. Once entered, the details for the particular GRN will appear below.
  • If users would like to reprint a previously created Purchase Return, just key-in the PKID for the Purchase Return and click on 'Reprint Purchase Return'.

  • Select a Branch from the drop down list.
  • Check on the GRN details (GRN No., Details and Suppliers)
  • If the Purchase Return date is different, then change the date that is by default the current date.
  • If there is any reference number, key-in into this field. Note that this is an optional field.
  • Look down at the list below and confirm the item details.
  • Under the 'Action' field, users can change the price and enter the quality that is being returned. Optional is the Remarks field where users may enter any details or remarks. Click on 'submit' to submit the Purchase Return form. Another option is to click on 'Click here to return all goods' instead of manually entering the quantity. Only select this if everything in the GRN are returned.
  • A pop-up will come up to confirm the return. Click 'OK' to confirm or click 'Cancel' to cancel the return and go back to the Purchase Return form.

      • Once created, the Purchase Return will be available for printing.
      • If users would like to view the list of Purchase Returns created, then click on 'Purchase Return Listing'.

      Purchase Return Listing
      • First select the 'Branch' and then enter a from and to date.
      • Click on 'Get Lisitng'.
      • The list of Purchase Returns created in the select period of time will appear below.
      • Click on the link to see the Purchase Return (PR1008) or the GRN (GRN1130) to see the printable page.